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Internship - sme development and entrepreneurship promotion

The ILO values diversity. We welcome applications from qualified women and men, including those with disabilities. Applications from non- or under-represented member States would be particularly welcome.
You are applying to the ILO generic internship roster, which is published several times per year. The roster will be made available to all departments which will then select and directly contact suitable candidates only.
An internship with the ILO provides an opportunity to:
(a) Increase understanding of relevant issues at the international level by involving them directly in the work of the Office and the application of ILO principles, programmes and strategies;
(b) Gain practical work experience with the ILO directly related to their field of studies.
The internship programme is not intended to lead to a career in the ILO. There should be no expectation of further employment at the end of the internship.
Description of Duties
The Small Enterprise Programme of the ILO seeks to create more and better jobs in small businesses - a sector where the bulk of employment is being provided. The programme works with governments, social partners, the private sector and individuals, on improving the business environment, delivering entrepreneurship education and training, integrating small entrepreneurs into local and global value chains, and improving workplace practices.
As part of long term programmes or under time-limited technical cooperation projects funded, ILO SEED undertakes and supports specialised research, as well as national-level development interventions. SEED staff based in Geneva can, therefore, be involved in a range of work: providing technical guidance and support to country offices; research (analysis, syntheses, design, writing and coordination), the coordination of TC projects or national-level programme activities; monitoring progress towards delivery against objectives and reporting; facilitating knowledge sharing.
Within SEED, there are six key focus areas:
  • Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises
  • Women's Entrepreneurship Development
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Entrepreneurship and SME Management Training
  • Value Chain Development
  • Sustainable and Responsible Workplaces
As an intern with SEED, you are likely to be appointed to work within one focus area, and will have the chance to extend your knowledge and experience in this area by working alongside and in cooperation with appropriate ILO specialist staff. In addition, the internship will provide a chance to hone applied desk research and data analysis skills.
SEED is a dynamic unit that values information sharing and joint working. So while you may beworking on one specific focus area, you are likely to be exposed to others. The intern can, therefore, expect to become involved in unit tasks outside of his/her specialist area, thereby gaining wider insights into the workings of the unit and the ILO, and learning about the importance of cross-cutting issues, including gender.
Interns should expect to devote 10% to 20% of their time to administrative tasks.
Required Qualifications
EducationArea of studies: business, communications, economics, international relations, labour relations, international development, social sciences or other related field.
Applicant should currently follow a course of study (last year of Master degree or above), or have completed studies within 12 months prior to this application.
ExperienceSome relevant work or internship experience required.Studies or work experience in one or more of the following fields would be an advantage: micro and small enterprise development, business environment reform, women's entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and SME management training, value chain development, improving working conditions, microfinance, livelihood promotion, gender mainstreaming.LanguagesYou should have working knowledge (both oral and written) of at least one of the ILO's official languages (English, French or Spanish).Strong oral and written English is essential, with a high standard of written English being particularly important. If shortlisted, the candidate's writing ability is likely to be verified through a written test.
Adaptable to an international, multicultural and multilingual environment, good communication skills and be able to work in a team.
Additional Information:
Application process:
**Please note that only three applications per recruitment advertisement period are accepted. If you apply to more than three internship profiles, your application will not be considered for any available vacancies.**
Please complete the online application form, attaching a cover letter. In order to do so, please complete your profile first and submit your application. Then add your cover letter under the section of "my applications". The cover letter needs to be attached to the roster to which you have applied. Please note that applications without a cover letter will not be considered. The more you can be specific about what you are interested in, the easier it will be for the departments to match their needs with your profile. Please also indicate your availability (e.g. proposed start date and latest possible end date).
Following a first screening by the Human Resources Development Department (HRD), departments will short-list applicants. You will be directly contacted should an internship match your specific profile.
If you have not been contacted by any department within three-four months after your application, you can consider that your profile has not been picked by any department for this roster. Departments will use the roster for internships starting within the next 4 months.
Please note internships start on the 1st or 15th of any month for a minimum duration of three months and a maximum duration of six months.
Please only apply for an internship if you fulfil the following three criteria:
(1) You have no close relative serving in the ILO.
(2) This is your first internship with the ILO (only one internship is permitted).
(3) You are currently following a course of study (last year of Master degree or above), or have completed studies within 12 months prior to this application.
(4) You have working knowledge (both oral and written) of at least one of the ILO's official languages (English, French or Spanish).
You should ideally receive funding for your internship through an institution (for example you university/sending institution or a foundation), to cover your subsistence expenses (in Geneva estimated at 1,850 Sfr per months). However, if this is not provided, you will receive a stipend to cover living expenses. Your travel to the duty station would be at your own expense.
Please note that the ILO does not take responsibility for any costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the internship. You will be responsible for your own insurance coverage for illness and accidents for the duration of the internship.
To apply, please visit this page.

Desk officer missions internationales – rdc et maroc

LOCALISATION DU POSTE : Bruxelles, Belgique
Médecins du Monde Belgique (MDM-B) est une ONG médicale membre du réseau international de Médecins du Monde. La délégation MDM-B met en œuvre des projets humanitaires et de développement en Belgique et dans les pays du Sud.
Sous la supervision du Coordinateur des Missions Internationales, le Desk officer RDC-Maroc assure le Développement, la coordination et la gestion les programmes internationaux de MdM-B en RDC et au Maroc.
1.Initier et conduire les réflexions sur la stratégie des interventions dans les pays concernés.
2.Déterminer des orientations de politique opérationnelle de MdM-B avec l’aval du Comité de coordination et en phase avec la stratégie de Médecins du Monde
3.Superviser la gestion des projets/programmes internationaux de MdM B (c-à-d programmer, identifier, formuler, mettre en oeuvre et assurer le suivi et les évaluations voire les capitalisations) avec l’appui technique du référent médical.
4.Déterminer les besoins en ressources humaines lors de la formulation des projets/programmes avec l’appui technique du responsable des ressources humaines
5.Représenter MdM-B vis-à-vis des acteurs internationaux concernant les points mentionnés supra
6.Etre responsable de la couverture financière pour les projets en question
7.Valider le cadre de la gestion sécurité des équipes terrain
8.Etre responsable final des rapports aux bailleurs de fonds
9.Garant de la bonne utilisation des ressources financières
10.Représenter les missions dont il a la charge auprès des instances de décision et de concertation de l’association
11.Participer également au travail de valorisation/capitalisation des projets
Principales tâches
1.Politique opérationnelle
•En lien avec les équipes terrain, analyser la situation humanitaire et politique afin d’assurer la pertinence des projets et leur adéquation avec les demandes et les besoins
•Identifier les zones et thématiques opérationnelles en rapport avec les objectifs de MdM-B et du mouvement international de Médecins du Monde
•Déterminer la politique de témoignage en rapport avec les actions envisagées ou en cours
•Établir et coordonner les stratégies opérationnelles de base en collaboration avec les équipes de terrain, le référent médical et les autres délégations de MdM, et ceci en incluant l'établissement des documents opérationnels (Stratégie Pays, Plan d’Action Annuel) et des notes de synthèse exigées par la direction ou toute autre instance légitime.
•Participer à des événements du réseau international de MdM et des membres associatifs (Réunions annuelles des Coordinateurs Généraux, groupes thématiques, groupes de travail associatif)
2.Gestion des programmes et projets
•Définir avec l’équipe terrain et le référent médical le plan d’action annuel
•Initier, préparer et coordonner les missions exploratoires et préparatoires
•Étudier la faisabilité des actions dans le cadre contextuel et la thématique fixés,
•Rédiger et présenter une fiche et organiser le comité de projet validant les principales décisions concernant les projets (principalement le démarrage, les changements importants, les déviations budgétaires et stratégiques, la clôture)
•Rédiger (formulation), présenter et défendre des propositions d'actions devant les bailleurs institutionnels, avec le coordinateur général pays et l’appui technique de la Responsable financière.
•Identifier les ressources nécessaires à la mise en œuvre des actions aux points de vue logistique, RH et financier
•Assurer le respect des valeurs et des principes d’action au sein de chaque projet
•Assurer le suivi quotidien des projets/programmes avec les équipes terrain (rapports d’activités, réponses au terrain, recherche d’informations utiles au terrain, etc)
•Définir des indicateurs de suivi d’activité, s’assurer en lien avec le ref médical de la mise en place de la collecte de données (« monitool »), analyse de l’évolution de ses indicateurs
•S’assurer de la cohérence du système de reporting médical
•Lors de la formulation, déterminer les besoins et les thèmes des visites d'évaluation périodiques dans les programmes
•Coordonner les actions avec les acteurs internationaux et locaux incluant les membres du réseau international de MDM, ONG et OI, bailleurs de fonds, autorités et partenaires locaux
•Informe le Coordinateur des Missions Internationales tournant de toute déviance ou nouveauté par rapport au contenu du plan d’action annuel afin d’en valider le contenu (DG ou CA)
3.Recherche de fonds
•Identifier les bailleurs de fonds institutionnels appropriés aux actions envisagées
•Soumettre et suivre les demandes de financement de projets (rédiger les propositions d'action en collaboration avec le Responsable financier, les rapports narratifs intermédiaires et finaux suivant les formats ad hoc des bailleurs institutionnels concernés)
•Gérer les contrats de financement avec les bailleurs, ainsi que les conventions de partenariat éventuelles
•S’assurer que les propositions de projets répondent aux contraintes bailleurs ainsi qu’aux échéances d’appel d’offre des bailleurs de fonds
•Assurer la gestion de la relation avec le bailleur dans son ensemble (communication en amont, en aval, mais aussi communications éventuelles publiées sur le projet), y compris les demandes de trésorerie et l’éligibilité de certaines dépenses)
•Assurer l’archivage papier et informatique des contrats et conventions bailleur
•Mettre à jour l’échéancier et les informations bailleur, compiler les guidelines bailleur
4.Ressources humaines
•Identifier les ressources humaines nécessaires à la mise en œuvre des actions avec l’appui technique des RH et en coordination avec le CG.
•Participer à la sélection des candidatures aux postes d’expatriés (sélection et entretien d'embauche)
•Assurer le briefing, le suivi et le débriefing des expatriés
•Superviser le travail des coordinateurs généraux sur le terrain, incluant le recrutement, la formation, l’encadrement, la supervision et l’élaboration d’objectifs ainsi que l’évaluation des performances.
5.Logistique et sécurité
•Valider les commandes dépassant un seuil de 10.000€ (procédure de passation des marchés)
•Analyser avec le terrain le contexte sécuritaire du pays
•Valider les documents sécurité des terrains (matrice d’analyse des risques, guide sécurité, plan d’évacuation, etc.)
•Participer à la responsabilité tournante du téléphone d’urgence des missions internationales
6.Communication et plaidoyer
•Avec l’équipe terrain, définir le positionnement politique, les messages et un plan de communication et de plaidoyer de la mission
•Mettre en place et alimenter les outils de communication et d’information pour le terrain
7.Au niveau du siège de MdM-B
•Animer et organiser les réunions des équipes opérationnelles pays
•Alimenter en outils de communication les instances de gouvernance de l’association
•Encadrer les stagiaires
•Participer à la mise en place d’outils pour maximiser l’organisation et la fonctionnalité du siège MdM-B
8.Représentation de MdM-B
•Vis-à-vis des autres délégations du réseau international de MdM pour la préparation et la mise en oeuvre d'actions opérationnelles et/ou de témoignage conjointes
•Vis-à-vis des partenaires locaux dans le cadre des missions exploratoires, préparatoires et d’évaluation
•Vis-à-vis des bailleurs institutionnels au niveau des sièges
•Vis-à-vis des autres acteurs du monde associatif
•Vis-à-vis de médias nationaux et internationaux en rapport avec les actions en cours
Profil recherché
•Formation : supérieure à orientation gestion, économique, sociale, politique, juridique
•Expérience : minimum 5 ans en gestion de projets humanitaires et/ou de développement. Expérience de terrain : Minimum 3 années comme Coordinateur Général ou dans une fonction équivalente.
•Connaissance de terrain de la RDC et/ou du Maroc
•Aptitudes personnelles : Capacités d’analyse, esprit de synthèse, sens de l’humain, capacités de coaching, capacité à travailler en ’équipe et communiquer, autonomie
•Mobilité : 20% déplacement terrain minimum
•Informatique : maîtrise du package de base MS Office
Merci d’adresser vos candidatures avant le 18/09/2014 à :
Karine Van Houte, Directrice RH
par mail : rhhq@medecinsdumonde.be
Veuillez spécifier l’intitulé du poste : Desk officer RDC-Maroc
Aucune candidature ne sera traitée par téléphone.

Policy Advisor Public Affairs

Insurance Europe is the European insurance and reinsurance federation. Through its 34 member bodies — the national insurance associations — Insurance Europe represents all types of insurance and reinsurance undertakings, eg pan-European companies, monoliners, mutuals and SMEs. Insurance Europe, which is based in Brussels, represents undertakings that account for around 95% of total European premium income. Insurance makes a major contribution to Europe's economic growth and development. European insurers generate premium income of over €1 100bn, employ nearly one million people and invest almost €8 400bn in the economy.
For our Public Affairs department, we are looking for a (m/f)
Policy Advisor Public Affairs
In this role, you will support the organisation’s public affairs and policy objectives. You will be responsible for monitoring and reporting on EU regulatory developments. You will actively implement advocacy activities and seek consensus views amongst different stakeholders. You will do so by developing and leveraging key relationships with internal and external stakeholders. In addition, you will participate in a range of different meetings where you will actively promote the policy messages of the organisation.
  • Monitoring and gathering intelligence on EU regulatory and policy developments of relevant to the European insurance industry;
  • Analysing EU developments on a range of pre-defined issues; Regularly reporting internally and to members;
  • Identifying and flagging up new key issues of potential relevance;
  • Providing support for the development of the association’s positions and the implementation of lobbying activities.
  • University level education, preferably in an area related to law, economics or international relations; Minimum of five years’ experience in EU affairs with excellent knowledge of EU policy making;
  • Very good understanding of strategic and regulatory issues in financial services; Able to work independently and in team;
  • Good organisational skills and capacity to identify key issues;
  • Very good analytical skills and proven ability to synthesise feedback; Excellent drafting skills in English;
  • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills; An outgoing and dynamic personality;
  • Additional European language would be an asset.
We offer you a challenging and exciting position with Brussels as operating base. Permanent contract. full- time, competitive salary and excellent benefits.
Please address application letters and curriculum vitae to Insurance Europe, Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Bruxelles for the attention of Koen Ameye (e-mail: hr@insuranceeurope.eu)

Policy advisor Single Market & Social Affairs

Insurance Europe is the European insurance and reinsurance federation. Through its 34 member bodies  —the national  insurance  associations  — Insurance  Europe  represents  all  types  of  insurance  and  reinsurance undertakings, eg pan-European companies, monoliners, mutuals and SMEs. Insurance Europe, which is based in  Brussels,  represents  undertakings  that  account  for  around  95%  of  total  European  premium  income. Insurance  makes  a  major  contribution  to  Europe's  economic  growth  and  development.  European  insurers generate premium income of over €1 100bn, employ nearly one million  people and invest almost €8 600bn in the economy.
For our Single Market and Social Affairs department, we are looking for a (m/f)
Policy advisor Single Market & Social Affairs
  • Identifies, monitors and analyses EU/ international initiatives relevant for the European insurance industry on a wide range of legal and consumer-related issues covering a variety of insurance business lines, with a focus on distribution and competition issues, and insurance guarantee schemes;
  • Synthesises  Insurance  Europe’s  members  feedback,  develop  common  positions  reflecting  the  European industry  views  on  a  range  of  legal  and  consumer-related  issues,  and  convey  these  views  to  EU/international institutions and stakeholders;
  • Provides  thorough  analysis  of  developments  and  EU/  international  initiatives,  as  well  as  their  impact  on the industry and the position of Insurance Europe. Advises the management and members about actions to undertake;
  • Supports  and  reports  to  Insurance  Europe  taskforces  and  committees,  in  particular  the  Internal  and
  • Consumer Affairs Committee, and coordinates with other relevant departments and internal and external bodies;
  • Provides  services  to  Insurance  Europe’s  members,  e.g.  is  a  point  of  contact  for  members,  informs members about legislative developments and the sector’s position;
  • Provides content to Insurance Europe’s internal and external publications. Contributes to studies in order to help formulate proposals for regulation or legislation;
  • Organises  and  assumes  responsibility  for  contacts  and  coordination  with  external  stakeholders,  e.g.  the relevant EU authorities as well as other public or private organisations;
  • Represents and promotes the policy messages of the European insurance industry at seminars, workshops and conferences;
  • Coordinates closely with and reports directly to the Head of Single Market and Social Affairs.
  • Education  in  European  law  and  ideally  insurance  law;  Good  knowledge  of  the  European  decision  making process;
  • Legal experience of five years in the financial services sector;
  • Ability to work independently and in team;
  • Very good analytical skills and proven ability to synthesise feedback;
  • Excellent  communication  skills  both  verbally  and  in  writing,  i.e.  excellent  presentation  skills  and  drafting skills in English;
  • Competent and persuasive in his/her area of expertise, excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Experience in building defendable consensus views amongst stakeholders;
  • Experience within an international and multi-cultural environment is advantageous.
We  offer  you  a  challenging  and  exciting  position  (permanent  contract).  You  will  work  in  a  stimulating international environment, with numerous opportunities for personal development. You will have the possibility to participate in projects that will influence the European insurance industry in the coming years.
Please address application letters and curriculum vitae  to Insurance Europe, Rue Montoyer 51, 1000  Brussels for the attention of Koen Ameye (e-mail: hr@insuranceeurope.eu).

IT Security Lead – EU Railways


Brussels, Belgium

Join the largest transport technology programme in Europe!
Can you lead the development of a European IT security framework for railways? And are you ready for an international career? Then here is a great opportunity for you.

You will be working for the Signalling Programme in Banedanmark and posted in Brussels to lead the IT security aspects of ERTMS. ERTMS is being implemented across Europe, and the results of your work are essential to the Danish Signalling Programme as well as other ambitious ERTMS programmes in Europe.

Unique and highly influential position - based in Brussels

After an introduction period of app. 3 months in Copenhagen, you will be based in Brussels for approximately 3 years. In Brussels you will join about 10 colleagues in the ERTMS Users Group offices and cooperate with experts from all over Europe. ERTMS Users Group is a European Economic Interest group established in 1995 representing the major ERTMS projects in the development of common European Signalling standards (more info at http://www.ertms.be). 

As a part of ERTMS, a European IT security framework governs and protects ERTMS and its supporting IT and telecom systems. The IT security framework is continuously evolved and standardised in a joint effort between the national railways, large international ERTMS vendors, the European ERTMS regulation bodies and several other stakeholders. 

In order to ensure acceptable protection and interoperability across Europe, the relevant stakeholders need to align on governance, process, technology, awareness and training. 

You will be in a unique and highly influential position to drive this process, which will challenge your technical competence and leadership capabilities. Your authority and ability to use and demonstrate your deep insight into IT security will be essential to unite the stakeholders and to achieve consensus. 

Your success will also depend on your ability to explain and justify IT security requirements to executives, political decision makers etc.

Lead security working groups

As our IT Security Lead you drive the process to refine and implement the strategic objectives of the ERTMS Users Group. Your tasks include leading and facilitating working group meetings with highly complex stakeholder structures and representing the ERTMS Users Group in European forums. Furthermore you are responsible for the technical specifications and all other documentation needed for the development of the European IT security framework for ERTMS based signalling.

Experienced IT security professional

You must have experience with IT security management for critical business – preferably within a safety related sector. You master the application of information security standards and guidelines such as ISA99/IEC 62443, Common Criteria, NIST etc. Furthermore, experience with COTS security concepts and protocols like PKI and TLS will be an advantage. 

You are technically well-founded in order to lead discussions of the technical setup. At the same time, you are a highly skilled negotiator and you can lead meetings effectively - with a pragmatic approach. You network easily and manage to build strong relations to important stakeholders.

Performance culture in a healthy company

At Banedanmark we provide the foundation that makes it possible for trains to operate in Denmark. We are owned by the Danish State and part of the Ministry of Transportation. Our 2,200 dedicated employees work every day to ensure passengers get an attractive and reliable journey. At the same time, we develop the railway net to meet future needs. 

Working at Banedanmark, you will be involved in assignments that affect many people every day and are highly significant to society in general. We have ambitious goals, professional challenges and high expectations. We give you room to be actively involved in creating results. This is a premise for us to reach our aspiring goals in our strategy Railway of Tomorrow. Banedanmark is a smoke-free work environment since January the 1st 2014. Read more about us at www.banedanmark.dk. For more about the Signalling Programme please visit www.uk.bane.dk.

Contact and application

If you want to know more about the position please contact IT security programme manager Flemming Alstrup on phone no. +45 41773693.
Please submit your cover letter and CV as soon as possible and no later than the 10th of September 2014 by following this link.

Assistant Policy Affairs

IRU - International Road Transport Union

Brussels, Belgium

Reporting to the Head of the Passenger Transport Council (CTP) at the IRU Brussels Permanent Delegation, the Assistant Policy Affairs will be in charge of providing administrative support for all matters related to passenger transport.


  • Provide effective administrative support to the Head of Passenger Transport as well as conducting research, drafting documents and actively influencing the development and running of passenger transport campaigns, including updating relevant websites and drafting newsletters;
  • Organise internal and external meetings and events of CTP and the Taxi Group;
  • Assist the communications and events officer with the organisation of general IRU events;
  • Co-ordinate all translations with outside translators and control their costs;
  • Act as back-up to other Assistants.


  • University degree in Economics, International relations, Political Science, Communications or any other relevant discipline;
  • Prior exposure to EU and/or UN functioning and decision-making. Prior experience in secretarial work and campaigning is an asset. Particular experience in the field of transport, travel and mobility is an additional asset;
  • Proactive, able to organise work independently with an eye for detail;
  • Advanced written communication skills in English (mother tongue is a strong asset) and a good command of French is a must. Knowledge of other languages such as Spanish, Russian and German is an advantage;
  • Valid work permit.
Suitable candidates should apply via our website and by submitting their application online or by sending their application to hr@iru.org no later than 4 September 2014.

Assistant Economist (Econometrics)

CMA - Competition and Markets Authority

London, United Kingdom

£29,405 - £35,147
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is a newly created organisation that promotes fair competition, within and outside the UK, to support economic growth and protect the best interests of consumers and businesses. Our work is complex and compelling and can benefit the lives of everyone in the UK – and for those who join us at this formative time it offers a uniquely exciting professional opportunity.
We currently have opportunities for two talented individuals to join our econometrics team, which undertakes econometric analysis for teams working on competition and consumer cases as well as research and evaluation projects. These are varied roles where you’ll work across the full range of projects the CMA undertakes (e.g. mergers, market studies, competition and consumer enforcement cases, and regulatory appeals). These roles offer an exceptional opportunity to gain experience in the wide range of work carried out by the CMA, developing a deep understanding of competition economics and quantitative techniques used in the field.
We expect that you’ll be degree qualified (with a significant emphasis on econometrics) potentially enhanced by a post-graduate qualification and that you have an excellent understanding of a range of econometric techniques. Practical experience of implementing these in a competition or consumer setting would be a considerable advantage, but isn’t considered to be essential. You should offer a blend of strong analysis and reporting skills and be able to advise and support non-technical colleagues and audiences, even when communicating complex information. A good understanding of industrial organisation and competition economics will be key.
To find out more about this opportunity and about working for the CMA, please go to: www.cma-jobs.co.uk.
Closing date for applications: 14th September 2014.
We are an equal opportunities employer.


BRAK - Das Brüsseler Büro der Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer

Brüssel, Belgien

Die Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer ist die Dachorganisation der anwaltlichen Selbstverwaltung. Sie vertritt die Interessen der 28 Rechtsanwaltskammern und damit der gesamten Anwaltschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland mit etwa 163.000 Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälten gegenüber Behörden, Gerichten und Organisationen - auf nationaler, europäischer und internationaler Ebene.
Für unser Brüsseler Büro suchen wir eine Rechtsanwältin/einen Rechtsanwalt.
Der Schwerpunkt des Arbeitsgebiets liegt im Bereich der Justiz- und Binnenmarktrechtsetzung.
Die Tätigkeit ist mit regelmäßigem Reisen verbunden.

Zu den Aufgaben gehören:

  • Beobachtung der EU-Rechtssetzung;
  • Mitwirkung an Stellungnahmen;
  • Verantwortliche Betreuung von Ausschüssen;
  • Vertretung der BRAK-Positionen gegenüber Dritten;
  • Kontakte zu den EU-Institutionen;
  • Mitarbeit in unseren Dachverbänden.
Voraussetzungen sind überdurchschnittliche Examina sowie rechts- und berufspolitisches Interesse im Rahmen einer Verbandstätigkeit. Außerdem erfordert die Tätigkeit hervorragende Englischkenntnisse und sehr gute Kenntnisse der französischen Sprache sowie Berufserfahrung im Bereich der EU-Institutionen und fundierte Kenntnisse der EU-Entscheidungsprozesse.
Wir bieten Ihnen eine spannende und vielfältige Aufgabe in einem internationalen Umfeld sowie die Einbindung in ein dynamisches und sympathisches Team.

Bitte senden Sie Ihre Bewerbung an:

z. Hd. RAin Dr. Heike Lörcher 
Leiterin des Brüsseler Büros 
Avenue des Nerviens 85, bte 9 
1040 Brüssel

Support Assistant to the Internal Auditor

EUI - European University Institute

Florence, Italy

Florence, 28/08/2014

coupled with a notice for an 
Support Assistant to the Internal Auditor
Internal Audit Service 
Contract Agent post
(Article 3a of the Conditions of Employment of Other  Servants- CEOS) (1)

The EUI is organising a selection procedure for the position of Support Assistant to the Internal Auditor.
Duration of the contract: three years, renewable initially for a fixed period of up to three years. Any further   renewal shall be for an indefinite period. In addition, a member of the contract staff may take part in internal     competitions for temporary or permanent posts after two years of service. (1)

The online application period will end on 30/09/2014 at 24:00 GMT+1 (CET, Central European Time).
(1) The EUI is in the process of amending the Staff Regulations for its Permanent Staff Members and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the EUI. As at July 2014, the proposal still has to be approved by the EUI High Council. The amended Staff Regulations, if adopted, will impact the conditions of employment and the careers of permanent staff members and other servants. Selected candidates may receive a job offer based on the new provisions of the Staff Regulations once they have been adopted by the competent governing body without prejudice to other consequences of a legal or financial nature.


The European University Institute (EUI) is an academic institution set up in 1972 by Member States of the European Union charged with research and postgraduate training in Law, Economics, History and Civilisation and Political and Social Sciences with special reference to Europe. The Institute is not an EU Institution or body, but an intergovernmental organisation, funded directly by signatory states, partly by the European Commission and to some extent through external funding. The EUI provides a multinational work environment in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere.


Nature of duties:

The successful candidate will provide assistance to the Internal Auditor. He/she will be in charge, under the supervision of the Internal Auditor, of the following main tasks:
  • Supporting the work of the Internal Auditor (e.g. carrying out simple pre-defined audit tasks or assisting with larger audit projects);
  • Assisting in carrying out ex-post checks on financial documents, monitoring the internal control system and the status of the action plans, as well as in the preparation of audit certificates for external EC-funded projects; 
  • Analysing and preparing data for the Internal Auditor; 
  • Assisting the Internal Auditor in the function as Secretary of the Organ of First Instance and of the Appeals Board; 
  • Co-ordinating the flow of working documents; maintaining and updating the filing system of the service; 
  • Editing documents, drafting notes, letters, reports and follow-up documents; 
  • Participating in meetings and drafting minutes, when necessary.


On the closing date for online applications, candidates must fulfil all the following general and specific conditions:

3.1 General conditions

  • Being a national of a Member State of the European Union, or holding long-term resident status in one of these States (on the basis of the EU Directive 2003/109/EC);
  • Enjoying full rights as a citizen attested by a recent extract from judicial records and/or certificate of good conduct proving no previous conviction for a criminal or administrative offence that could call into question his/her suitability for performing the duties of the post; 
  • Having fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws on military service; 
  • Being physically fit to perform the duties.

3.2 Specific conditions

3.2.1 Education (Qualifications)

  • A level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma, or 
  • a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education, and appropriate professional experience of at least three years. This professional experience will be part of the diploma and will not be taken into account in the required numbers of professional experience under 3.2.2.

3.2.2 Professional experience

On the closing date for applications, and in addition to the qualifications required above, candidates must have at least 2 years of professional experience gained after obtaining the diploma required under 3.2.1.

3.3 Knowledge of Languages

  • Main language: have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the European Union
  • Second language: a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the European Union.



  • Knowledge and professional experience in the areas mentioned in the job duties. In particular, experience of working in an audit/control and/or financial environment;
  • Excellent knowledge of the main principles of accrual accountancy;
  • Good working knowledge of office automation software;
  • Good organisational, analytical and drafting skills;
  • Service-oriented attitude and discretion in handling sensitive information;
  • Excellent knowledge of English.


  • Knowledge of additional languages of the European Union;
  • Knowledge of the financial and legal framework of the EUI and/or of the EU institutions and bodies;
  • Knowledge and use of the main accrual software;
  • Experience/ability to work as part of a multinational and multidisciplinary team in an international environment;
  • Certified Internal Auditor certificate or other similar certificate for professional recognition of internal auditors.


Applications must be submitted electronically using the IUE/3/2014 online application formavailable athttp://www.eui.eu/About/JobOpportunities/AdministrativePosts.aspx  at the latest by 30/09/2014at 24.00 (please see also the specific guidelines under section 19 “Important information” of the application form). 

Only complete applications will be accepted and considered. Applications received by e-mail, fax or post will not be considered. 
A large number of applications may be received, therefore in order to avoid any technical constraints, we advise you to submit your application well ahead of the deadline. 

The Selection Board will screen the documents of applicants with reference to the above-mentioned eligibility criteria as well as to the essential and advantageous selection criteria and will on the basis of these findings establish a shortlist. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for the written and oral tests and for the interview. 

Candidates will be disqualified if they:
  • do not complete the registration by the deadline;
  • do not send a complete application;
  • do not meet all the eligibility criteria on the closing date for online applications;
  • do not provide all the required supporting documents at any stage of the procedure where these are requested.
If at any stage of the procedure, it is found that any of the information given in the application is false or not evidenced by the appropriate supporting documents, the candidate will be disqualified from the competition. 
Contact: applyjob@eui.eu
Information to Candidates: 
Candidates who will not be shortlisted will be duly notified by the Personnel Service, once the Decision on the appointed candidate has been taken by the Appointing Authority.


A limited number of candidates (no more than 7), as shortlisted by the Selection Board, will be invited for:

7.1 Written and Oral tests comprising:

  • a written test in English, aimed at assessing the candidate’s skills and knowledge relevant to the post;
  • an English language test.

7.2 Interview

The interview will be conducted mainly in English (knowledge of other EU languages may also be tested). Mother tongue English speakers will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of a second EU language. 

The purpose of the interview will be to test the candidate’s capacity to
  • take on the responsibilities required by the post (max.25 points);
  • test the communication skills required to work in an international academic institution (max.15 points);
  • assess the personality and motivation of the applicants (max.10 points).

Assessment on the basis of qualifications and marking of tests:

Marking: 0 to 20 for the assessment on the basis of qualifications; 
Marking: 0 to 15 for the written test; 
Marking: 0 to 15 for the language test; 
Marking: 0 to 50 for the interview by the Selection Board 

The names of the selected candidate and, if applicable, of candidates included in the reserve list will be published on the EUI Web site: 


A successful candidate may explicitly request that his/her name not be published. Any such request must reach the EUI before the candidate is notified of the outcome of his/her application, and in any case no later than seven calendar days after the date of the tests and interview.
Important Information for Candidates:
Candidates are reminded that the work of the Selection Board is confidential. It is thus forbidden to make any contact with the members of the Board, either directly or indirectly, at any stage of the selection procedure. Any infringement of this rule will lead to disqualification from the selection procedure.
Candidates should not encourage third parties either to contact the Selection Board on their behalf. Any infringement of this rule may lead to disqualification of the candidate.


Type of contract:

The successful candidate will be appointed by the Appointing Authority as a contract agent at grade FGIII 08, pursuant to Title IV of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the EUI, for an initial period of three years, with the possibility of renewal for a fixed period of up to three years. Any further renewal will be for an indefinite period. In addition, a member of the contract staff may take part in internal competitions for temporary or permanent posts after two years of service. 

The successful candidate will be asked to serve a probationary period of nine months. 

The place of employment is Florence, where the EUI is located.


The net monthly salary after taxes is approx. Euro 2,270. In addition to the salary, staff members may be entitled to various allowances, in particular a household allowance, expatriation allowance (16% of basic salary and household allowance), dependent child allowance and education allowance. The EUI has its own social security and pension scheme. Under certain circumstances, in particular where the jobholder is obliged to change his/her place of residence in order to take up employment, the EUI may also reimburse various expenses incurred on recruitment, notably removal expenses.


The European University Institute is an equal opportunity employer in accordance with Article 1d of its Staff Regulations. It accepts applications without discrimination on any grounds such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.


The purpose of processing of the data you submit is to manage your application in view of a possible pre-selection and recruitment by the EUI. The information candidates provide in their application form is collected for the purpose of the selection procedure. 

The EUI will ensure that candidates’ personal data are processed as required by its Data Protection Policy (President’s Decision No. 40 of 27 August 2013 regarding Data Protection at the EUI). This applies in particular to the confidentiality and security of such data.


If at any stage of the selection procedure, the candidate considers that his/her interests have been prejudiced by a particular decision, he/she can take the following action:
  • Request for review
In assessing candidates' merits, the selection board observes the principle of equal treatment as well as the provisions governing the Competition procedure and the Board’s proceedings. 
If a candidate nevertheless believes that one of these principles has not been applied in his/her case, he/she has the right, within ten calendar days from when the e-mail informing him/her of the decision is sent, to send a letter by e-mail stating his/her case to the e-mail address: applyjob@eui.eu

The candidate shall quote in the subject line of his e-mail:
  • The reference number for this competition;
  • The candidate/ application number;
  • “Request for review”;
  • What stage of the selection the candidate’s complaint concern.
If a request for review comes within the selection board’s remit, the secretariat of the selection board, will forward the request for review to the Chair of the Selection Board and a reply will be sent as soon as possible from the Personnel and Administration Service following the indications received from the Selection Board. 

More information on the request for review available under Section 4 of the Guidelines to Competitions for posts at the EUI available at: 
  • Appeal Procedures
If, at any stage of the competition, the candidate considers that the Administration and Personnel Service or the Selection Board have acted unfairly or have failed to comply with: 

‐ the rules governing the competition procedure, or 
‐ the provisions of the competition notice, 
and that his or her interests have been prejudiced as a result, the candidate can take the following actions: 

1. Submit a Formal Complaint to the Principal under Article 1(2) of the Common Provisions for the Teaching and Administrative Staff at the following address: 

The Principal 
European University Institute 
Badia Fiesolana 
Via dei Roccettini 9 
I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole 

The complaint should clearly quote:
  • “complaint under Article 1(2) of Common Provisions for the Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff”;
  • the candidate/application number;
  • the reference of the selection procedure;
  • the stage of the selection procedure to which it refers.
2. Submit a judicial appeal before the Organ of First Instance addressed to: 

Secretary of the Organ of First Instance and of the Appeals Board 
c/o Internal Audit Service 
European University Institute 
Badia Fiesolana 
Via dei Roccettini 9 
I‐50014 San Domenico di Fiesole 
Tel. 0554685652/0554685431
Please note that appeals concerning an error of assessment relating to the general eligibility criteria are not matters for which the competition’s selection board is responsible shall only be admissible before the Organ of First Instance if an administrative complaint has previously been lodged under article 1, paragraph 2 of the EUI Staff Regulations.

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