OPEN TO ALL SADC nationals


The Teaching Vacancy Bulletin 2018 will be made available to the public through various newspapers and digital platforms as from Friday, 03 November and not Tuesday 31st October as previously indicated by the Ministry:

A total of two thousand five hundred and sixty nine (2569) posts will be advertised in the annual Teaching Vacancy Bulletin for 2018, of which seventy nine (79) posts are for principals, One hundred ninety eight (198) posts for Head of Departments and Two thousand two hundred and ninety two (2292) posts for teachers.

The above-mentioned teaching posts have been identified as critical and hence the need to be filled in order for the teaching and learning process not to be compromised.

One hundred and nineteen (119) of the two thousand five hundred and sixty nine (2569) to be advertised have been newly created, due to pressing needs and as a result of the 15th day school statistics; whereas the remaining two thousand four hundred and fifty (2450) posts are currently occupied by temporary teachers whose contracts will come to an end with effect from 31 December 2017 thus rendering the posts vacant.

The closing date for Teachers position is 17 November 2017 and for Principals and Head of Departments is 01 December 2017.


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