Deputy Governor, Markets and Banking, Bank of England

The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom and exists to ensure monetary and financial stability. Candidates are sought for the role of Deputy Governor, Markets and Banking. This appointment is made by Her Majesty the Queen, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The new Deputy Governor will be responsible for managing the balance sheet of the Bank. He or she will look after the execution of financial stability and monetary policy decisions via balance sheet operations, the management of the Government’s foreign exchange reserves, gold custody services, the operation of the real time settlement system, the effective risk management of these operations and the gathering of market intelligence relevant to policy decisions.
He or she will be a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, the Financial Policy Committee, the Prudential Regulation Committee, the Court of the Bank of England and will also represent the Bank on several international bodies.
The successful candidate will need to demonstrate the ability to manage a large number of staff and a diverse set of workstreams. He or she will be a strong communicator, have outstanding interpersonal skills and will be a person of undisputed integrity and standing.
Applicants will need the ability to develop and execute new policies in a fast-moving environment, and understand the workings of central banking, government and international institutions. In particular, they must understand wholesale financial markets, the associated infrastructure and have a strong appreciation for risk management. They must also demonstrate strong leadership, management and policy skills and will have an advanced understanding of economics.
The application closes at noon on 21st November 2016.
To apply online (preferred) please visit www.odgers.com/60103, where more information on the role can be found.
Alternatively, applications should be emailed to 60103@odgers.com
If you are unable to submit your application by email or need any further assistance, including information in other formats, please contact: Anne Murphy, Odgers Berndtson, 20 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XD.
Direct: Tel: 44 (0) 20 7367 9777 or Email: anne.murphy@odgersberndtson.com