The Bioforce Institute is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1983 by Dr Charles Mérieux in Lyon, France. The Institute has been committed to capacity building in the humanitarian sector for over 30 years now. During that period, Bioforce has trained tens of thousands of humanitarian professionals many of whom are the leaders in the sector today. The Institute has become a reference for humanitarian individuals and organisations in need of learning opportunities and solutions.
The Bioforce Institute is involved in the Humanitarian Passport Initiative (HPI) which aims at developing a Professional Development Framework for the Humanitarian Sector. Following the first phase of research carried out by the HPI, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) is supporting the creation of a Collaboration Centre for Quality Learning in Humanitarian Action (2016-2018). The Bioforce Institute will host and coordinate the Collaboration Centre, lead and coordinate the cornerstone programme relative to the development of the assessment standard, and contribute to the programme work on the development of the learning standard. The Collaboration Centre will be launched in November 2016. The overall purpose of the Centre is to contribute to a faster, more effective and efficient humanitarian response with increased local participation and ownership by supporting the development of humanitarian practitioners’ competencies. The Collaboration Centre for Quality Learning in Humanitarian Action will do this by contributing to the Humanitarian Passport Initiative alongside the Collaboration Centre for Recognition of Skills, Experience and Learning with the collective goal of establishing a global system that can recognise, develop and record the competence of humanitarian workers to deliver high quality humanitarian response and accountability to recipients of aid.
The Centre will aim to achieve 3 outcomes:
  1. High quality training and capacity building is available to humanitarians which meets their learning needs, effectively builds their competence and which is locally relevant and accessible;
  2. High quality and standardised assessment is available to humanitarians, allowing them to measure and demonstrate their competencies;
  3. A sustainable mechanism for coordinating, developing and promoting quality learning and assessment is in place within the humanitarian sector.
The Project coordinator will be in charge of the coordination/implementation of the work of the Collaboration Centre on developing the quality framework for assessment of competencies.
The Project coordinator will report to the Collaboration Centre manager on all issues. As a Bioforce staff member, the project coordinator will fall under applicable Bioforce internal policies and procedures.
Project management
  • Coordinate the cornerstone programme on quality standard and quality assurance for assessment of competencies
  • Lead work on developing the assessment standard, quality assurance mechanism, and tool/support services for users of the standard
  • Ensure the quality of the activities and their implementation according to the objectives, timeframe, indicators
  • Contribute to ensuring consistency between the cornerstone programmes of the Collaboration Centre
  • Organise and participate in meetings with partners
  • Ensure the monitoring and reporting of the activities (narrative and financial reports)
  • Organise and lead the consultancy work relative to the programme
  • Provide support to the Centre Manager in the communication strategy and development of communication tools
  • Develop and update a database of assessment providers
University degree or equivalent professional qualification in a relevant discipline
More than 5 years of experience in learning and development / strong expertise in L&D
Good knowledge of the humanitarian sector
Experience in complex programme coordination
Strong report writing (narrative and financial) skills
Experience in carrying out project work including research elements
Strong networking skills
Fluency in spoken and written English and French
Spanish appreciated
Mobile for meetings and field visits
Clean criminal record
A 24 month project contract
Lyon, France. Frequent travel (International)

Send CV and CL to rh@institutbioforce.fr or at :
Institut Bioforce
41, avenue du 8 mai 1945
69694 Vénissieux cedex