Director of Statistical Methods, Research and Innovation

In this new role, you’ll modernise our approach and develop innovative techniques to deliver quality, trusted statistics and analyses across the UK. You’re going to make good decisions better.
As the leading producer of official statistics, we play a unique role in informing debate and improving decision-making. We’re influential but have responsibility – we need to set and maintain standards, and deliver high quality, accessible statistics that meet the wider public good.
While that may not change in essence, in a few years’ time our work will be radically different. There’s a growing demand for better evidence, we have stronger relationships with decision makers, and we need to think and work differently to leverage the data sources becoming available. We’ve already begun to change into a technically-focused and data-driven organisation. As the leader of this newly-formed directorate, you’ll take that further by putting innovation at the heart of what we do.
You will lead a team developing new data infrastructure, new methodologies and new ways of analysing data so that we can better identify trends and patterns, and deliver more granular and more frequent outputs.
It’s a critical leadership role, and one that will demand considerable knowledge and expertise, as well as a credible, authoritative approach. You’ll be able to operate confidently in uncharted waters, make decisions quickly and seize opportunities as they arise.
As importantly, you’ll need outstanding leadership skills in order to support your teams in being the best they can be. And of course, you’ll know the potential that the data revolution holds for official statistics, and what you can do to drive that at the ONS.
Closing Date: 23rd November 2016
Interviews: W/C 19th December 2016
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