Network Consultant

  • Specification of requirements of operations, including the elaboration of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Operational Level Agreements (OLA) in collaboration with users and persons responsible for operations
  • Specification of solutions for operations: Specification of teams (number of persons, competencies), specification of management systems (technology, architecture), specification of any other tools needed in operations such as Configuration Management Database, Knowledge System, etc.
  • Design of management systems and other tools: design of architecture, technical evaluation of alternatives offered on the market, conduct of proof of concept, testing in pre-production environment
  • Implementation of new solutions for operations: migration of new systems in production environment, definition of procedures, training of operators for new procedures, development of tools (customisation or configuration of commercial tools, development of small tools such as websites, databases, etc.)
  • Evaluation of quality and efficiency of operations by definition and implementation of metrics; periodical follow-up of metrics; proposal of measures to improve quality and/or efficiency of operations
  • Training: Assessment of training requirements; Elaboration of courses; Implementation of training sessions; Assessment of results of training
  • Degree in an ICT related field, or equivalent background knowledge and experience.
  • Minimum 8 years of recent and proven professional experience  in the network & telecommunication domain
  • ACSE Certification (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Certified System Expert)
  • Excellent knowledge of ITIL best practices in ICT operations
  • Excellent knowledge of human resources aspects of operations such as, but not limited to, competencies, work volumes, change management, training
  • Excellent knowledge  of tools  for ICT management:  standards, market trends,  practical implementations
  • Excellent technical knowledge of ICT infrastructure and systems in his/her domain of expertise.
  • Recent practical experience with ICT operations in his/her domain of expertise: setup of operations, conducting of operations, implementation and follow-up of SLAs
  • Excellent organisational skills; Results/ Customer-oriented 
  • Excellent team player and communicator, as well as autonomous worker 
  • Excellent communication/ presentation and writing skills 
  • Able to participate in multilingual meetings 
  • Good knowledge of English and French (independent user - B level according to the Europass Language Passport)  
Please send your CV and cover letter at BanakouS@unisystems.eu