Policy and Outreach Manager

The Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) is a European wide network working in the field of language policy & planning for Constitutional, Regional and Small-State Languages across Europe. The NPLD announces the call to fill the post of Policy and Outreach Manager.
Job description:
Both members of the NPLD Secretariat (Policy and Outreach Manager and Finance and Administration Manager) will assume overall joint responsibilities for the day-to-day work of the network.
The Policy and Outreach Manager will give specific attention to issues related to:
  • Advocacy and to maintaining relationships at a Brussels level with the EU Council, Commission and Parliament. Relationships would also be further developed with other Brussels based organisations and institutions.
  • Working closely with the members of the Chairs’ Committee in order to develop a relevant and sustainable work programme for the NPLD network.
  • Sustaining the work of the sub groups of the network.
  • Attracting new members and sustaining and enhancing levels of membership
  • A University Degree or equivalent is mandatory. Degrees directly related with the post, such as Political Sciences, European Studies, Sociology, Business Administration, a.o. will be an advantage. Postgraduate studies in relevant fields will also be an asset.
  • Languages: Good knowledge of English and French. The knowledge of other mainly used languages among the NPLD members is an asset.
Other assets:
  • Practical knowledge of EU institutions and advocacy tasks.
  • Knowledge of the framework and situation of the Regional or Minority Languages in Europe.
  • Experience in EU project management and fundraising.
  • Communication and representation skills.
  • Proven experience in similar positions or tasks.
Contractual conditions:
  • Part time job (30h/week)
  • The contract will start in June 2017 (date to be determined) and finish on 31st December 2017; it will be renewable, upon agreement of both parties.
  • To be located in the NPLD office in Brussels. Availability for punctual duty travels out of Belgium will be required.
  • Please send your CV and cover letter at eva.soms.bach@npld.eu