Clerk Of Works Job at Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority

The Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) is a Government Regulatory
Authority established by the SUMATRA Act, CAP 413. SUMATRA's role is to regulate, promote and facilitate availability of efficient, safe, quality and reliable transport services in the Surface and Marine Transport sub-sectors through competitive and fair trade practices.
SUMATRA intends to construct an Office Building at Nkrumah Street, 11010 Municipality in Dar es
Salaam. A contractor for the project has been procured and the client (SUMATRA) is desirous to appoint a Clerk of Works who will monitor the progress of the construction.
Therefore, the Director General of SUMATRA invites qualified and experienced Tanzanians to apply for the position of Clerk of Works as follows:

1.0 Clerk Of Works (Dar es Salaam) - 1 Post, REF No. CW-O1 : Clerk of Works
REPORTING TO : The Client (SUMATRA's Project Manager)

Position Summary
The duties of Clerk of Works are to observe, inspect, check and report matters patterning to daily construction activities of works. The main responsibility will be to make sure that works are carried out to the set specifications and schedule.
The Clerk Of Works in consultation with the architect will make sure the specified materials and workmanship are deployed and that the client is given quality work and value for money.

The Clerk of Works will be on site all the time and will make regular inspections. He/She needs to be vigilant in inspecting of a large range of technical aspects of the work. This involves: Become familiar with all relevant works drawings and written instructions, check them, and use them as a reference when inspecting the work;
Make visual inspections of works;
Take measurements and samples on site to make sure that the work and the materials
meet the specified specifications and quality standards;
Be familiar with legal requirements and checking that the work complies with them;
Have a working knowledge of health and safety legislation and bring any shortfalls observed to the attention of the person(s) concerned;
Inform the Project Manager on certain aspects of the work in view of achieving the best work results, but such information should not be interpreted as instructions that may result into additional expenses to the client;
Maintaining a close liaison with the Project
Manager but independently working in the best interests of the employer or client;
Maintain and issue weekly progress reports;
Check that work progress is maintained according to the building programme and report on any likely slippage to the services consultant;
Witness testing, commissioning and balancing of engineering installations;
Observe material delivered to the site and used by the subcontractors to ensure that materials used are those specified, or approved substitutes, and that materials are in good condition and free of defects;
Monitor the proper storage of materials, including any off-site storage if so directed.
Report problems to the general contractor.
Notify the Project Manager if, in the clerk's opinion, any materials should be replaced due to improper storage. Document with photographs as necessary; and
Keep detailed records of various aspects of the work, which are put together in regular reports for the architect or the engineer and the client.
Records include:
Progress and any delays;
The number and type of workers employed
Weather conditions;
Visitors to the site;
Drawings received;
Instructions; and
Details of any significant events including any serious deficiencies in health or safety performance observed while on site.

Minimum qualifications and Requirements:
Holder of Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering or Bachelor of Architecture or its equivalent;
Registered as Professional Engineer or Architect by respective Board;
At least four (4) years of experience in similar post and similar project;
Must have a wide understanding of the building industry, including knowledge of materials, trades, methods and legal requirements;
Must be attentive to details when checking work and materials.

Key competencies required for the Position:
All applicants must:
Demonstrate highest degree of integrity and professionalism;
Possess good communication, leadership and interpersonal skills;
Demonstrate competence in budgeting,' setting performance indicators, monitoring and performance appraisals;
Be self driven and capable of working with minimal supervision;
Be capable of delivering excellent results while working under pressure with tight schedules and deadlines;
Be competent in Computer Aided Design
(CAD) such as Autocard.

A successful candidate will be employed on Two (2) Years Contract including six (6) months-of probation.

Attractive remuneration package will be- offered to a successful candidate.


Applications should be on applicant's handwriting indicating the Reference Number (Ref. No.) of the application, accompanied with detailed Curriculum Vitae (ev), copies of relevant
Certificates, Engineers Registration Board (ERB) Practising License, Transcripts, testimonials and names, positions and detailed contacts of three (3) reliable referees.
Application letter and the envelope should bear the Ref. No. of the post applied. Application without Ref. No. will not be considered.
Applications with statement/Provisional results or Statements of Results from NECTA where
Certificates have already been issued will not be considered, thus, need not to apply.

Application should be submitted / posted in envelope to the address below not later than Friday, 11th December, 2015 at 1700 Hrs. Any application received after the due date will not be considered.
Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for Interview.
P. O. BOX 3093,