The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) focuses on bringing together African leaders, policy
makers, development specialists, scientists, and representatives of agribusinesses and farmers’
organizations to discuss feeding Africa through the potential wealth of its own agricultural land. The
discussions are mainly centered on promoting investments, public – private opportunities and policy
support for driving agricultural productivity and income growth for African farmers in an
environmentally sustainable way. This years’ forum will be held on the 4-8 September 2017, in
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.
AGRF is expecting 750 attendees at the conference.
The AGRF secretariat invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified firms who are willing to
enter into a contract to provide the following services:
    (Indicate bid number AGRF2017/Event Management on email subject)
The Event Manager is expected to manage the event all round including but not limited to:
a) Develop and implement a work plan for the period of the contract
b) Be part of the local organizing committee as the liaison contact person between government
and AGRF and constantly updating AGRF secretariat on the progress
c) Manage all service providers including exhibitions
d) Provide at least seven people for everyday running of AGRF activities on the ground, four of
these people have to be bilingual that is French and English
e) Provide and manage at least 20 bi-lingual ushers
f) Manage the registration process and preparation of badges on the ground
g) Coordinate protocol and security arrangements for all stakeholders and assets
h) Coordinate and manage specific protocol and security for Heads of State, Ministers and
other VIPs
i) Solicit, review and suggest West African based entertainment options to AGRF. If approved,
conceptualize and co-ordinate of the entertainment plan, where required
j) Recommend, hire and manage MCs for the forum and provide a floor manager for the forum
k) Develop and implement a communication channel and means to be used in the week before
the Forum and during the Forum by the Secretariat and service providers to keep all
updated minute by minute
l) Develop concept and manage local sponsorship for the forum, targets will be laid out by the
m) Room preparation including breakout rooms and media room
n) Manage all social programs including but not limited to dinners, cocktails, breakfasts and lunches
o) Provide daily scripts for the forum (with the program team) and disseminate these to the
Secretariat 24 hours before the daily program begins for the 7 days of the Forum, which
includes Saturday and Sunday before the Forum.
See criteria for proposal submission and deadlines below
(Indicate bid number AGRF2017/Production on email subject)
Branding will be deployed at different areas within the conference venue, airports, various hotels
and their environs – as advised by the AGRF Secretariat. Sample pictorial designs, images and costs
must be within the bid submission.
Print and produce high quality branding materials in line with the specifications as laid out in the
brand concept document and as specified by the brand development consultant.
Manage and oversee installation of all branding material and ensure that all materials are well fitted
to last the entire period of the AGRF.
Provide advice on materials and production that is line with budgets and timelines
a) 25 outdoor drop flags (similar to tear drops but square size)
b) 20 roll up banners (normal size)
c) 5 street banners (size 6 metres by 1 metre)
d) 2 backdrop banners (size 15 meters by 3 metre)
e) 6 backdrop banners (size 3 meters by 3 metre)
f) Print approved AGRF dinner menu, table numbers, table tents
g) Quote for 4 bill boards near the airport or other relevant strategic locations
Shortlisted vendors may be required to provide sample materials.
See criteria for proposal submission and deadlines below
  1. DECOR
    (Indicate bid number AGRF2017/Decor on email subject)
    The AGRF Dinner which is also the Africa Food Prize award ceremony will host 800 seated
    participants and will include Heads of State, ministers and other VIPs. There will be welcome drinks
    from 6pm and dinner will be served from 7pm. Food and beverage will be provided for by a
    separate contractor.
    The supplier of décor is expected to provide a minimum of three different - themed based décor for
    the gala dinner. Kindly provide concepts and pictures. Quote should include but not limited to:
  2. a) Plasma screens
    b) Lighting PA and sound
    c) Powered standby generator
    d) Cocktail tables
    e) Stage
    f) Seats and tables for dinner
    g) Tent/Dome for dinner (to seat 800 pax and have space for catering) to include lighting
    h) Sample designs and images must be within the bid submission.
See criteria for proposal submission and deadlines below
(Indicate bid number AGRF2017/Booths on email subject)
Provide and set up exhibition booths at a pre-selected area at the Sofitel Hotel. Space allocated
should cater for at least 40 booths. Provide sample images of proposed booths, signage, layout and
cost for the same.
The exhibition company will be expected to work closely with the events management team and the
AGRF secretariat to ensure that all booths are allocated and extra items requested for the booths
are provided. This should include tables, TV Screens for the booths, chairs, electrical wiring etc. See
criteria for proposal submission and deadlines below.
See criteria for proposal submission and deadlines below


(Indicate bid number AGRF2017/Transport on email subject)
Provide transport during the Forum for the five days and any other days before and after the Forum as requested by the AGRF Secretariat. This includes buses, vans and high end vehicles for VIPs.
Participants will be shuttled from:-
a) Transfer on arrival in Abidjan to various hotels. Vendor will also provide shuttles to transfer delegates from their hotels to and from the conference venue during the five day event
b) Provide shuttle of delegates between four hotels in Abidjan for 5 days
c) Transfer to the airport on departure will also be required.
Support staff will be required as follows:-
a) Airport meet and greet assistance
b) Shuttle manager / Transport coordinator
c) Hotel guest assistance desk (maximum of 5 hotels)
d) Staff at the hotels should be able to answer questions to do with the forum and should have Forum material on hand to distribute
See criteria for proposal submission and deadlines below


(Indicate bid number AGRF2017/Technical On-site on email subject)
Provide Technical and On-Site Resources Support during the five day conference. Not all items will be required for five days
Equipment Required
1 laser printers
4 laptops
1 heavy duty copier
10 desktop networked computers
4 lcd projector
4 plasma screens (appropriate sound connection)
6 wireless microphones
3 projection screens one on each side of the stage for presentations with appropriate masking
10 table microphones
3 cue light and timer
3 podium microphones
4 wireless pointers
8 lapel mics
1 multi-purpose box for press
Set up stations for laptops in the media

Plenary Session 5th – 8th September 2017

750 people – 6 speakers per session
a) Mount main stage banners ( 15mtr by 3 mtr)
b) Provide 6 leather chairs, 6 small stools, a glass podium, six microphones, technical support, props, etc. for a professional stage (WEF/Ted Style)

Gala dinner – 6th September 2017 September

c) Mount main stage banners ( 15mtr by 3 mtr)
d) Produce ambiance lighting and four large screens
e) Provide 6 leather chairs, 6 small stools, a glass podium, six microphones, technical support, props, etc. for a professional stage (WEF Style/Ted Style)

Responsibilities and Requirements

a) Vendor will be in charge of lighting, sound and equipment in all meeting rooms during the forum;
b) Applications sent must outline and determine exact technical requirements during the forum;
c) Supply of on-site supervisors/technicians with working knowledge of all equipment, who can also assist secretariat in breakout rooms when required;
d) Back-up for all equipment, in case of failure, should be readily available;
e) Supply of exhibition booths/tables during the forum at a reasonable fee;
f) Appropriate draping/ and or decor to be provided in all meeting rooms;
g) Technical Staff: - outline all expenses for on-site technical support not included in equipment rental pricing. An outline of proposed staff structure will be required.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 31st January 2017**
Proposal questions and/or clarifications may be submitted to Gkibunja@agra.org before the 25th January, 2017 1700Hrs.
Supplier may send their documents via email to: procurement@agra.org or by post to:
Procurement Unit
Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa West End Towers, 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way
P. O. Box 66773 - 00800
Westlands Kenya
*DisclaimerAGRA reserves the right at any time in the process to terminate this request without entering into a contract and to accept or reject any or all applications and is not bound to give reasons for its decision. Canvassing in any form will lead to automatic disqualification*