Global Finance Officer

The HALO Trust and The HALO Trust (USA), Inc. employ over 6,500 staff globally, supported by over 20 HQ staff and around 50 international expatriates.
The role of the Global Finance Officer (GFO) is to provide wide ranging support and guidance to all programmes as directed by the HQ Finance Team and Desk Officers.
You will work with other members of the Finance Team to ensure that overseas programme finance officers are implementing best practice in financial governance, controls, management and reporting through performing internal audit and development of systems and staff skills.
You will work with the HQ Logistics Team and programme logistics officers to ensure that procurement procedures are followed and audited, and that the ordering, receipt, transfer and delivery of goods and equipment are accurately monitored.
You will provide oversight and supervision of programme Finance and Logistics functions, as well as giving general support to programme management as a senior member of the Finance Team, including:
  • Assisting with the preparation and revision of programme and grant proposals and budgets;
  • Facilitating and coordinating statutory, internal, donor and local audits;
  • Obtaining knowledge of local laws, and ensuring fiscal and legal compliance.
Prior to programme visits a TOR from the Desk Officer will be provided, which will be for specific tasks and will include:
  • Reviewing and providing recommendations on HR, Finance, Logistics and Stores procedures;
  • Reviewing current contracts and expenditure to ensure compliance with donor contracts;
  • Writing an audit report on each programme visit.

Please send your CV (preferably two-page) with covering letter to recruitment@halotrust.org marking it Global Finance Officer