3D Content Product Engineer

3D is how we view the world, and it is quickly becoming the new standard in the GIS community. Cutting-edge mapping and analysis in 3D allows ArcGIS users to better understand the impact we have on our surroundings, the built environment, and the natural environment. Some unique use cases currently offered by the Esri 3D content team include shadow or visibility analysis, mapping and routing inside buildings, and procedurally modeling 3D features. Many industries need 3D capabilities, but few know how to go about it. This is an opportunity to pioneer new, easy-to-use workflows and enable others to continue making informed decisions and accurate predictions. Your creativity and independent thinking can help us develop material that makes working in 3D enjoyable and advantageous.


Develop user-focused, 3D-based, scenario-driven examples, tools, and 3D rules along with accompanying documentation
Convert, create, analyze, and maintain 3D layers from 2D and share results with Esri teams and ArcGIS users
Develop easy-to-use best practices for migration of 3D data from common formats (CAD, BIM, CityGML, KML, Collada, OpenFlight, etc.) into Esri geodatabase
Prototype and test the latest versions of ArcGIS; work with development teams to report bugs and test resolution of bugs
Maintain 3D content team portals on current release and stable builds

Two or more years of experience in geography, urban planning, or facility management
Strong knowledge of the ArcGIS platform
One or more years of experience with Python
Data interoperability and general ETL experience
Bachelor's or master's in geography, architecture, urban planning, facility management, environmental studies, or computer science, depending on position level

Direct experience with Esri CityEngine
Knowledge of other 3D software, for example Maya, 3D Studio Max, Autodesk, etc.
JavaScript and web development skills
Ability to create web services
3D Content Product Engineer