Policy Officer

European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
based in Paris
is currently seeing candidates (F/M) for the post of
“Policy Officer” – grade AD5
different profiles
(corporate reporting, investor protection, CRA & securitisation, markets, benchmark regulation)
ref. ESMA/2016/VAC22/AD5 & ref. ESMA/2016/VAC25/AD5

ESMA, which is based in Paris, is the independent European Union (EU) Authority responsible for securities markets issues. ESMA’s mission is to enhance investor protection and promote stable and orderly Financial Markets.
ESMA is looking to recruit staff from a broad range of professional backgrounds. Currently there are two vacancy notices for several profiles (at grade AD5):
  • in the area of Investors & Issuers Department (corporate reporting, investors protection, CRA & securitisation)
  • in the area of Markets Department (incl. benchmark regulation, post-trading and secondary markets).
The Investors & Issuers Department is responsible for providing expertise in a wide range of securities markets and investor topics, including Investment Management, Investor Protection, Intermediaries, and Financial Reporting.
Main duties:
Policy Officer - Corporate Reporting
  • conducting policy work or supervisory related matters in the areas of corporate financial reporting of listed companies, according to the Transparency Directive, IAS Regulation, Audit Regulation and/or Non-Financial Information Directive;
  • participating and providing support to various project streams assigned that ESMA is set-ting up to fulfil its tasks in those area.
Policy Officer - Credit Rating Agencies and Securitisation
  • contributing to various phases of development of technical standards, guidelines and reports under the ESMA scope of work for securitisation;
  • providing expert advice in the area of securitisation;
  • participating and organising work in various project streams that ESMA is setting up to fulfil its tasks in that area.
Policy Officer - Investor Protection and Intermediaries
  • contributing actively to the ESMA’s work in promoting supervisory convergence among national Authorities in the area of investor protection and the provision of investment ser-vices and activities;
  • contributing to the preparation of technical standards, guidelines, statements, investor-warnings and any other initiatives on the basis of MiFID, MiFID II and MiFIR, in particular in relation to the provision of investment services and activities.
Essential requirements for a Policy Officer position (investors & issuers profile):
a)         At least three (3) years of experience (acquired after a university degree) in the areas mentioned below:
- For the corporate reporting profile:
  • the preparation of reporting of a company subject to requirement of the laws, or
  • the standard setting area within a standard setter or regulatory body, or
  • the supervision of market participants (e.g. enforcement).
- For the securitisation profile:
  • structuring or arranging securisation transactions, or
  • assessing, monitoring securitisation transactions in connection with the operation of a credit rating agency or a financial institution or investment firm (risk management deparments), or
  • the supervision of securitisation (e.g. risk management, prospectus or investment/fund management).
- For the investor protection profile:
  • providing investment services and activities or monitoring or advising on the provision of such services or their regulation, or
  • supervising investment firms and credit institutions providing investment services and activities through desk-based or on-site supervision.
Experience should be acquired in a position requiring an in-depth knowledge of the MiFID framework held in a regulatory or supervisory body, an investment services provider, a law or a consultancy firm.
The Markets Department of ESMA is responsible for the rule-making, supervisory convergence and supervisory tasks related to market infrastructures (at the trading and post-trading levels) and secondary markets conduct rules.
Main duties:
Policy Officer – Benchmark regulation
The successful candidate will take responsibility for developing technical standards under the Benchmarks regulation and will participate in the discussion at the relevant committees, participate when needed in meetings of Benchmark colleges and in contacts with external stakeholders.
Policy Officer – Markets profile
The successful candidate will be assigned to one of the three Markets areas (post-trading, secondary markets or market integrity) depending on his/her skills, qualifications and expertise of and of the needs of the Department.
Essential requirements for a Policy Officer position (markets profile):
  • At least three (3) years of work experience in the area of financial markets, in positions relevant to this post (acquired after a university degree);
  • Knowledge of functioning of wholesale financial markets, as well as knowledge of the key regulatory regimes in the EU (e.g. MiFID/MiFIR, MAR, EMIR), as shown by experience.
For more information on open vacancies, all essential requirements for the posts and deadline to apply, please consult ESMA’s website.