Epidemiologist and Public Health Manager

Leads IDF’s work in epidemiology and public health in order to establish the epidemiological evidence base for diabetes.
Guides and coordinates the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data on the burden of diabetes globally, the public health response, and on effective and feasible interventions in countries at different levels of economic development.
  • Develops new programmes and projects in collaboration with colleagues from External Relations and Policy and Programmes Department.
  • Represents IDF at high profile professional events making presentations on Epidemiology and Public Health and maintains contacts with a network of academic specialists
  • Advise on the design of studies into the epidemiology of diabetes and its complications
  • Collection, analysis, interpretation of data on diabetes
  • Keep up to date with relevant scientific literature
  • Communicate effectively with health professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including clinical, health economic, diabetes education and health services research
  • Presentation of data to a variety of audiences
Line manager of the Diabetes Atlas: provides intellectual guidance and monitors the quality control of the team members work.
Is bound by timelines for project submissions and deadlines for the production of Diabetes Atlas
Professional Experience
  • Knowledge level of Masters in Epidemiology and/or Public Health
  • Qualified experience of 7 years (as health professional in a discipline relevant to health care for people with diabetes, or have completed the epidemiology/public health training on diabetes)
  • Good working knowledge of the global epidemiology of diabetes, major risk factors and strategies for prevention of the condition and its complications
  • Demonstrated experience in the critical interpretation and informal synthesis of published epidemiological data and of studies on the prevention of diabetes and its complications
  • Knowledge of project management and people management experience
Please send your CV and cover letter at barbara.martin@idf.org