Social Exclusion and Gender Analysis Expert

Social Exclusion and Gender Analysis Expert 
Various countries | Asia and Africa
Startdate: January 2017 | Duration: 3-12 months

About VSO
VSO is the world's leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. Our high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

Role overview
The purpose of this role is to provide support to programme managers in participatory approaches and transformational programme design, and methodological support in social exclusion and gender analysis.
Specifically the role will;
- accompany programme managers as they research and design programmes, providing on the job advice and support as they carry out social exclusion and gender analysis of the context they are proposing to programme in so that they, their partners and proposed primary actors are fully aware of the social, economic and environmental factors at play in the context in which they are proposing to intervene.
- Support programme managers and their teams to enable VSO stakeholders to reflect on systems of social exclusion and gender inequality in their context and how that relates to poverty and marginalisation (mapping the system of social exclusion)
- Support programme managers and their teams to enable VSO stakeholders to assess where they believe the most effective interventions can be made, testing their assumptions against evidence and making informed decisions about the methods/approach to integrating social inclusion and gender into programmes and projects
- Provide guidance on maintaining a poverty and social exclusion focus in programming.
- Work in collaboration with monitoring and evaluation staff and volunteers to ensure that there is evidence to support the programming approach and that the people we are working with and for agree with the analysis and indicators that will be used to assess progress.

Skills, qualifications and experience required
An understanding of social exclusion and gender analysis and other participatory methodologies and a commitment to people led development.
Experience in participatory research, appraisals and assessment

Skills in social exclusion and gender analysis, and in one or more of the following:
* Qualitative research
* Power analysis
* Systems approaches
* Theories of change
* Transformational processes

You will be a graduate or activist in poverty, gender or exclusion issues with an understanding of how change happens.
You will be passionate about participation and social inclusion.

Allowance and accommodation
All volunteers have an allowance paid in local currency. The allowance meets reasonable living expenses in country, but will not be enough to send money home.
VSO works with some of the poorest communities in the world which means accommodation varies and will be basic but meet VSO standards in terms of security and facilities.

How to apply
If you're interested in applying for this role, please download the full jobdescription here or contact us by email or phone: info@vso.nl or (0)30 2320600.