Technical Assistance Advisors

The IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department has been one of the world-leading sources of fiscal expertise for over 50 years. We research and analyze global fiscal developments; provide policy advice to IMF member countries; and provide timely, practical and tailored technical assistance to countries seeking to modernize their fiscal policies and institutions.
In this context we are currently seeking highly-qualified experts with extensive experience to fill various contractual positions as Technical Assistance Advisors (TAA) for Public Financial Management (PFM), Tax Policy (TP), and Revenue Administration (RA).
  1. Public Financial Management: TAAs should have extensive experience with all aspects of PFM, including budget preparation; budget execution; fiscal reporting and accounting, internal control and audit; and the legal and regulatory environment.
  2. Tax Policy: TAAs should have extensive experience with all aspects of tax policy including VAT design; tariff reform; fiscal federalism issues; business taxation; revenue forecasting; personal income tax structure; excise taxation; and design of fiscal regimes for natural resource extraction.
  3. Revenue Administration: TAAs should have extensive experience in tax administration at a senior management level; successfully developed and supported the implementation of major tax policy and administration reforms in developed and/or developing countries; and have a sound understanding of effective tax policies and administrative approaches for developing countries, based on a combination of theoretical and practical experience.
The selected candidates will conduct technical assistance missions to IMF member countries in the above areas, supervise and coordinate the advice of long-term and short-term field experts, engage in training activities, and contribute to the research agenda of the respective divisions.
Detailed descriptions and qualifications requirements can be found on our website, www.imf.org/jobs.
To apply: Interested candidates from any member country of the IMF are invited to apply online at www.imf.org/jobs, using Job No. 1700167 for the Public Financial Management positions, Job No. 1700166 for the Tax Policy positions, and Job. No. 1700168 for the Revenue Administration positions.
The deadline for applying is March 2, 2017 Further details about the role and function of the IMF are provided on its website: http://www.imf.org