Sandvik seeks:
Training Facilitator
The role
To facilitate/transfer learning to ensure capability according to required unit standard. This service is rendered to Sandvik Mining clients (internal & external), according to the following standards and requirements: Sandvik Mining requirements, OEM limitations, SETA and SHEQ standards.
Key performance areas
Developed learning curriculum, material & programme
  • Extract expectations from job profiles and process flow (i.e. job begins, ends, requirements)
  • Review job analysis with focus on required knowledge & skills
  • Perform performance & critical incident analysis
  • Identify, verify, interpret and summarise target population descriptions
  • Identify, verify, interpret and summarise learning environment descriptions
  • Derive skills/knowledge requirements from task, performance & critical incident analysis and/or job profile
  • Identify and/or create required unit standards
  • Interpret and execute written learning objective/outcomes
  • Give input on sequence development & learning modules
  • Construct skill hierarchies, pre-tests and criterion tests to match objectives
  • Develop course/module control documents and feedback systems
  • Give advice on design and the update of lesson plans (i.e. instructional content, practice requirements, lesson scripts, required lesson aids, course map/procedure/summary)
  • Review for update and help for editing of learning material and give feedback on learning material update and development
  • Detailed candidate improvement feedback report
  • Submit for record keeping of all assessments, lesson plans & control documents
  • Conduct training according lesson plan
  • Complete & submit training reportsas per schedule
Transferred learning
  • Review lesson plan and update as needed
  • Prepare self, learning environment and learners as per lesson plan
  • Prepare learning aids and verify training material as per budget
  • Identify obstacles to learning and take appropriate action
  • Deliver background & introductory material
  • Conduct pre-test and establish actual learning needs/gaps
  • Facilitate/instruct learning material
  • Assess knowledge/skill as per pre-set criteria & provide feedback to learners
  • Assess learner capability in action (on-the-job)
Legal compliance
  • Perform performance & critical incident analysis
  • Identify any and all SHEQ obstacles and take appropriate action
  • Identity any and all hazards and take corrective action
  • Give feedback on developed course/module control documents and feedback systems
  • Report any and all Incidents and accidents as per reporting structure
  • Provide PPE as per requirements
Customer satisfaction (internal & external)
  • Conduct needs analysis (including performance and critical incidents)
  • Review job analysis with focus on required knowledge & skills
  • Complete & submit training reportsas expected and laid out
  • Request for feedback during & after training (external & Internal)
  • Request for feedback for follow ups
  • Feedback to service department (internal)
  • Interpret all questions and formulate answers
  • Investigate new products and development trends
Your profile
  • Matric (Grade 12) or equivalent Qualification
  • Sandvik Equipment Specialist
  • Certificate of Competence in ETDP or related qualification as Adult Education Facilitator
  • Assessors certificate
  • Moderator certificate
  • Proven competence in Course Design and Development
  • Minimum 3 years of experience & proven competence as operator/Specialist on Sandvik products.
  • Continuous Miner specialist
  • Indigenous language competence (excluding English)
  • English language proficiency
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Code 08 Licence and own transport
  • Be able to work flexible hours & travel extensively
Added advantages/ experience in:
  • Underground trainer (Sandvik product experience ) - Soft rock mining background with blasting certificate
  • Soft rock continuous miner’s, Bolter, Mercury and LS operator’s certificate
Who may apply
All applicants outside South Africa must ensure that they are able to secure a work permit and permanent residence prior to applying for any advertised positions.
How to apply
To apply, please click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, or access the Sandvik website www.sandvik.com/Career.
Applications close: 15 February 2017
Job Reference No: 349675
If you have any further queries, please contact us on 0800 331 331.
Recruiter: Thato Makoro
Sandvik is committed to representivity in the composition of its employees and the creation of job opportunities across all sectors of the South African population.
Deadline: 15 Feb
Job-ID: 349675