Chief of Finance - KfW Multi-Donor Trust Fund

Project Title: Partnership Fund for Assistance to Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan, Iraq (North), Lebanon and Turkey
Location of the position: Amman (Jordan), or Istanbul (Turkey)
Position Title: Chief of Finance
Project Summary
This project is intended to establish a very large multi-donor trust fund to improve the general prospects of Syrian refugees currently residing in Jordan, Iraq (North), Lebanon and Turkey as well as their host communities by means of creating employment, stabilizing income and improving livelihoods. The primary focus will be on the creation of (better) income opportunities and enabling vocational (re-)training, with the latter also catering to post conflict and reconstruction needs.
As the target group comprises refugees and host communities, the approach will aim at improving the socio-economic perspectives of refugees and cushioning the burden of immigration for host communities. The support for host communities will follow two principal goals:
  • To ease the additional strain put on host communities with respect to public, specifically communal, service provision,
  • To mitigate already existing potentials for tension between local communities and refugees stemming from increasing economic competition in the (informal) labor market, the housing market, the education sector, etc. This can only be achieved if the local population benefits not only indirectly (e.g. through improvement or rehabilitation of overburdened public infrastructure) but also directly from the projects/programs financed through the Fund.
While the focus will be on income generation and qualification, the Fund will also serve to support other relevant interventions which cater to the principal goals of stabilization and resilience, e.g. the provision of housing, municipal infrastructure and - where required - social protection schemes such as cash for work and cash transfer schemes.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Oversee the design and implementation of the financial management and procurement systems of the Fund within the 3 different office locations (Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon).
  • Manage the Fund's disbursements for interventions across the 4 targeted countries.
  • Hold overall responsibility for finances and procurement, and oversee a team of staff who will manage funds on a day to day basis
  • Generate regular and reliable financial statements for the fund
  • Oversee the audit and oversight activities required of the fund by donors. Required Skills:
    Key Skills & Competences
  • Minimum of 10 years or more of experience in financial management advisory services.
  • Minimum of 3 years' experience on managing finances of complex and high value development programmes. Previous management of a multi-donor trust fund is an asset.
  • Knowledge of KfW financial management systems.
  • Fluency in English is required, Arabic, Turkish is a plus.
  • Experience in managing a multi-cultural staff.
  • Experience working in fragile, conflict-affected, and/or post-conflict states.
  • Master's Degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting or a discipline relevant to the scope of the assignment.