Junior Professional Officer - Management Analyst

IMPORTANT: This post is opened in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme sponsored by the Government of the United Kingdom and is addressed exclusively to United Kingdom nationals.
The Bureau for Management Services (BMS) is a central Bureau of UNDP Headquarters that deals with the development of corporate strategies, policies, tools and systems in the key management areas of human resources, finance and administration, budget, procurement, information and communications technology, legal, security, management consulting, and multi-partner trust funds. Drawing on sound analytics and a risk-management approach, BMS supports UNDP in the achievement of development results through management advice, innovative business solutions and other corporate services in operations management in line with evolving needs and expectations of development partners and international best practices. BMS also oversees policy adherence in operations management, safeguarding UNDP’s accountability vis-à-vis United Nations Member States and other relevant partners. The Directorate of the Bureau for Management Services (BMS/DIR) consists of a small team advising and supporting the Assistant Administrator/Director of BMS on a wide range of management issues with significant corporate implications. The Directorate is also responsible for integrating and coordinating activities of three BMS Units.
Duties and Responsibilities
•Supports the Directorate in ensuring that critical activities envisaged by the Bureau for Management Services annual work plan for which the Chief of Directorate has been designated responsible are duly implemented - 5%.
•Working with the Chief Directorate, contributes to the implementation of special projects led by her (e.g. BMS service delivery model, fast track strategy, pipe-line management, etc.). Coordinates with relevant teams to ensure timely action and follow-up on commitments made - 25%.
•Participates in the BMS innovation group, makes proposals, as appropriate, on new ideas/innovative solutions that could be explored by BMS in different management areas - 10%.
•Conducts research and data analysis as an input into substantive discussions on institutional effectiveness and efficiency and innovation in operations management - 25%.
•Supports the drafting/drafts discussion papers, briefing notes, talking points, project proposals, etc. on issues in the Chief Directorate’s portfolio - 15%.
•Provides substantive support to organizing meetings of the Chief Directorate, ensures availability of necessary documentation and capture of key agreements as well as follows up on their implementation with relevant staff - 10%.
•Liaises with relevant staff in the Directorate of BMS and other BMS Units to collect and analyze information necessary to ensure successful participation of the Chief Directorate in corporate UNDP and inter-agency meetings - 5%.
•Provides inputs into the documents prepared by the Directorate for the senior management of UNDP (Administrator/Associate Administrator/OPG/EG) in areas under the responsibility of the Chief Directorate - 5%
Core competences:
•Ethics & Values
•Working in Teams
•Communicating Information & Ideas
•Self-management & Emotional intelligence
•Decision making
Functional competences:
•Building Strategic Partnerships
•Client Orientation
•Results Based Management
•Organizational Change and Development
Required Skills and Experience
•Master's Degree or equivalent Advanced Degree in a related field of expertise
•A minimum of two years of paid working experience in a relevant field
•Working knowledge of English
•Knowledge of French or Spanish will be an asset
Other desirable education and work experience:
•Understanding / prior exposure to work within an international organization will be an asset
•Previous exposure to work in developing countries will be an asset

IMPORTANT: This post is opened in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme sponsored by the Government of the United Kingdom and is addressed exclusively to United Kingdom nationals.
More details about the JPO Programme, this vacancy and how to apply can be found at:http://www.undp.org/content/jposc/en/home.html