General Manager - International Museum of the Reformation - Geneva, Switzerland

Job description :
Created in 2005, the International Museum of the Reformation explores the living history of Geneva and the Reformation across the world. The museum is a private foundation.
It seeks a senior executive to manage the museum as of the 1st of January 2017.
Required skills :
Main competencies required
• Promotion of the museum, locally and internationally
• Management of the institution and its staff
• Creativity in museology
• Network development in the circles concerned by the museum
• Fundraising capacity
• Fluency in French and English, and hopefully a third language
Education and experience :
• University degree in history, Christian theology or universal culture
• Subsidiary education in business management - alternatively successful management experience of a company or institution for over five years, including staff management
• Positive experience in working for a museum or similar institution
• Successful fundraising experience
Send your application to Guillaume de Rham, member of the board, International Museum of the Reformation: derham@gdrtrust.com
Website: www.musee-reforme.ch/en/