Information Management Officer, H&N section, Damascus

Job no: 498551
Work type: Fixed Term Staff
Location: Syrian Arab Republic
Categories: Knowledge Management, NO-1
The IMO, as part of the programme section, will play a vital role in supporting the analysis, and dissemination of evidence information that is important for the Section and the Office to make informed (evidence based) strategic decisions on:
  1. the needs of affected populations
  2. the prioritization of these areas according to programme indicators
  3. where there is a need for humanitarian actors and to what degree
  4. what are the key gaps in activity and needUnder the overall supervision of the IM Specialist in SPME Section, the IMO will work closely with the programme section to enhance the information collection, analysis and reporting chain.
  5. Information system management:
  6. Maintain and strengthen Section databases (e.g. track partner activity, coordinate monthly reporting from partners, monitor emergency response etc.).
  7. Programme-relevant data collection, collation, storage, filtering, analysis and dissemination to inform needs assessment and decision-making.
  8. When relevant, work with government and or other agencies and Sections within the office to make updates to the information management system to reflect changes in needs.
  9. Undertake data analysis based on the updated dataset and generate tables, graphs and other statistical data products for quality reporting, resource mobilisation and communication.
  10. 2. Produce relevant information resources:
  11. Collate and maintain reports from Facilitators.
  12. Work with the SPME Section to develop relevant maps of Section needs and response activities.
  13. Provide summaries of Section progress against key indicators as required including program activities and supplies. This will feed the Security Council Reports, Situation Reports, donor reports, and other products IM products.
  14. 3. Support the understanding and use of the information management system:
  15. Provide training, support and information to partners/government staff on the information system, tools and reports including provision for gender and age disaggregation of data and reporting on particularly vulnerable groups.
  16. Encourage and support partners to report to the Section by providing clear instructions and simple friendly format and feedback on reporting outcomes.
4. Maintain and continuously update (on a fortnightly or monthly basis) the existing IM products of the Section. In particular:
  • The Who does What Where and When (4Ws) database and related products, such as charts and maps.
  • Oversee progress and results of the Back to Learning initiative, school clubs, school rehabilitation, self-learning programme and Curriculum B at national and local levels.
5. Support the Section in all aspects related to information management:
  • Maintain an updated contact list of the Sections partners, focal points, donors, and other parties of relevance to the Section.
  • Act as Section IM Focal Point and represent the Section in the IM Focal Points Meetings chaired by the SPME Section.
QUALIFICATION and COMPETENCIES ( [ ] indicates the level of proficiency required for the job. )
  • Education
  • A first university degree preferably in geographic information system, Information Technology, Information Systems, computer science, or related fields
  • Work Experience
  • Minimum of one year of relevant professional experience in a similar role. Field work experience. Background/familiarity with Emergency.
  • Proven statistical, analytic and technical skills including database management and data analysis, high level of proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), ability to maintain basic websites, ability to produce data summaries and visualizations, GIS knowledge an advantage.
  • Language Proficiency : Fluency in English and Arabic.
  1. i) Core Values (Required)
Commitment  Diversity and Inclusion  Integrity
iii) Core Competencies (Required)
  • Communication [ II ] • Working with People [ II ] • Drive for Results [ II ]
Functional Competencies (Required)
  • Applying Technical Expertise [ I ] • Relating and Networking [ I ] • Analyzing [ I ]
  • Planning and Organising [ I ]
  • Duration of contract : One year