Principal Green Growth Index Specialist

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a new international organization committed to strong, inclusive green growth. We assist developing and emerging countries with integrating their ambitions for strong economic performance and environmental sustainability with the goal of bringing about poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Headquartered in Seoul, GGGI was established by treaty in June 2012 at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference by an initial group of eighteen nations who share the organization's vision. To date, there are total of 24 Member Countries who joined the organization.
GGGI has a diverse portfolio of programs in developing countries around the world. These in-country programs, together with global products and services, focus on delivering results through an integrated approach of evidence-based green growth planning and implementation aligned to countries' development priorities. The organization also focuses on knowledge development and management activities which build a strong theoretical and empirical basis for green growth, while providing concrete options and guidance for policymakers; as well as building the conditions for public and private green infrastructure investments.
The Knowledge Solutions Divisions (KSD), based at GGGI's Seoul headquarters, supports GGGI's in-country teams by providing technical and financial know-how. KSD has two closely integrated work streams which underpin the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of GGGI's in-country delivery. The Knowledge Services (KS) Department is comprised of knowledge development, management, and sharing activities which build a strong theoretical and empirical base for GGGI's green growth implementation activities, providing concrete options, guidance, and capacity development for policymakers and investors. The Green Investment Services (GIS) Department works to identify and mobilize innovative financing mechanisms and improve the conditions for public and private green investments.
GGGI's Knowledge Services Department is now hiring a Principal Green Growth Index Specialist, a seasoned professional who is passionate about changing traditional models of economic development. .
What is the position about?
The Green Growth Index (GGI) is an index to show the status and performance of green growth in countries.
It will be created in the form of a composite statistic of selected indicators which capture the full complexity and ramification of green growth. The Index will be a powerful catalyst for change which can draw policymakers' attentions to help realign their policy direction in a greener, more productive and less resource intensive way. The GGI will be used to rank countries under GGGI's four thematic priorities (energy, green cities, land-use, and water) on their status of … green growth and performance over time. The Principal Green Growth Index Specialist will lead the development of the GGI.
GGGI has an expanded global portfolio in developing countries managing a diverse set of programs and projects focused on the key thematic areas, such as energy, green cities, water, and land-use, which hold huge potential in achieving green growth in developing countries.
The Green Growth Index will have significant green growth implications for developing countries. The Index will provide practical evaluative data which can stimulate countries to be a better performer in green growth. The Index will serve as a guide towards Sustainable Development Goals and promote South-South/South-North-South cooperation
The Principal GGI Specialist will develop a methodology and process for the development of the Index.
By partnering with in-house and external experts or organizations who have contributed to promoting green growth, the Principal GGI Specialist will leverage her/his expertise to build a credible, robust and solid basis for building an index that will rate countries' achievements towards greening growth.
S/he shall manage the overall development of the Index, liaise with other colleagues within GGGI and will represent GGGI in national and international forums and other key meetings and events as considered appropriate.
The Principal Green growth Index Specialist will
  • Lead the development of the Green Growth Index. Some of the duties include, but are not limited to:
    • developing and managing project plans
    • determining appropriate approach/methodologies
    • coordinating the work of other staff members
    • analyzing data and information
    • assessing results and drawing conclusions
    • establishing an advisory group and engaging peer reviewers
    • coordinating consultations and peer-review processes
    • preparing and presenting results to internal/external stakeholders and
    • publishing policy and research reports
    • other activities as considered relevant to establishing a solid, robust and credible development process.
  • Establish quality assurance mechanisms and an oversight to ensure the delivery of high-quality, evidence based, data-driven and analytical research publications that continually examine the key opportunities, challenges and risks involved in pursuing green growth.
  • Advise the Director of Knowledge Services on opportunities, risks, strategy, direction and plans of action to advance and promote GGGI's mission and objectives.
  • Prepare and implement annual work plans in line with GGGI's strategic plan together with the Director of Knowledge Services and other KSD staff
  • Prepare and execute outreach activities of the Green Growth Index
  • Engage with GGGI's Green Growth Planning & Implementation (GGP&I) country teams to facilitate knowledge exchange between country programs and KSD
  • Collaborate with KSD sectoral/thematic experts (focusing on energy, green cities, land use, and water) to create synergies in knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Other duties assigned by the Director of Knowledge Services
  • An advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in economics, climate change, engineering, business/finance or other development related fields from a leading academic institution, with solid experience in quantitative methods
  • At least ten years of professional experience in one or some of the relevant fields such as index development, energy and environmental economics, green growth and sustainability related strategy and practice development
  • Experience in rigorous analytical work in the areas of indicators/indices and its applications in the field related to green growth
  • Strong technical expertise in data analysis and quantitative research methods using statistical software
  • Proven track record of managing projects and delivering expected outputs on time at the international level in a multicultural setting
  • Experience in international organizations working with developing countries in policy consultation
  • Native proficiency in English
  • Comprehensive understanding of a green growth concept in the context of developing countries
  • Ability to apply state-of-the-art quantitative analysis techniques to relevant development themes
GGGI needs a person who can bring more than knowledge and passion to the role: someone who has the grit and resilience to do this work. The successful candidate is a skillful coach with an ability to diagnose challenges in an organization and a team, a decision-maker, a thoughtful communicator, and a diplomatic change agent who understands the dynamics and tensions in this kind of diverse, global landscape. S/he should be:
  • excellent in knowledge development
  • able to handle complex multi-stakeholder relationships
  • keen on maintaining high degree of professional integrity with a stewardship of public resources
  • proactive
  • able to effectively communicate, listen to others, and create and promote an environment for open communication
  • able to work effectively with other teams of a high degree of cultural/ professional diversity
  • Please submit CV and Cover Letter in English (Merged into one PDF file)