Civil Nuclear Police Authority Chair

The CNPA is a corporate body that was created by the Energy Act 2004 and is an executive NDPB of DECC. The CNPA is charged, pursuant to the 2004 Act, with maintaining an efficient and effective Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) and it employs its police officers and staff.
The CNC is an armed police force that operates from 11 units based at licensed nuclear sites throughout the UK, as well as sites such as its Culham Headquarters and Bisley. It is responsible for defending and protecting those civil nuclear sites to which it is deployed with a view to denying unauthorised access to nuclear material. If necessary, it is also responsible for recovering control of any nuclear material that may have been lost to unauthorised persons, and ensuring the safe and secure movement of nuclear materials within the UK and internationally. The CNPA supports the delivery of the civil nuclear security programme overseen by DECC.
The Police Authority discharges its day-to-day functions through the CNPA Board, which is a Committee of the CNPA with both executive and non-executive representation. 
The Chair is responsible to the Secretary of State and communications between the CNPA Board and the responsible Minister should normally be conducted through the Chair. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the Authority’s policies and actions support the responsible Minister’s and the Secretary of State’s wider strategic policies, and that CNPA’s affairs are conducted with probity.
As ambassador for the CNPA, the Chair will represent the Police Authority to the public, media and other stakeholders and will need to ensure transparent communication is given at all times. The Chair will also need to assess and manage the performance of members of the Police Authority, promoting the efficient and effective use of staff and other resources and promoting the highest standards of corporate governance. 
Applications contact: By email toCNPApublicappointment@decc.gsi.gov.uk or click apply now with supporting documents via phone at 0300 068 2884 (Nicola Pretty) or 0300 068 5504 (James Beioley).