Intelligence Officers

Don’t just watch world events. Help shape them.
Intelligence Officers
Being an MI6 Intelligence Officer is a unique, people focused and intellectually stimulating role that puts you at the heart of global affairs.
Your role
This is no ordinary role. Your work and its impact will be far-reaching, as you contribute to a variety of challenging assignments and keep the UK, its people and interests safe and secure.
Your qualities
You've achieved a lot in life but now you’re looking for a new challenge.  You want a role that stretches your abilities, gives you a sense of real achievement and ultimately makes you feel proud. Show us you have a genuine interest in global affairs, an analytical approach to your work and strong people skills, and you’ll play a role in a variety of events around the world.
Visit www.Mi6.gov.uk (embed https://www.sis.gov.uk/intelligence-officers.html ) where you can find out more about the role and view profiles of some of our current Intelligence Officers.
To apply to MI6, you must be a born or naturalised British citizen and over 21 years old. You should only discuss your application with your partner or close family members and you should make them aware of the importance of discretion.
MI6 has an absolute commitment to diversity and equality for all.
Many backgrounds, one mission