Economic Specialist , Embassy of the United States in Paris

The incumbent is one of two Economic Specialists in a five-officer section, establishing networks of contacts and reporting with expertise on the full range of U.S./France bilateral economic issues, with lead responsibility on macroeconomic, banking and finance areas. Technical grasp of issues and intellectual rigor are critical. He or she provides insight, advice and counsel on the impact of French macro-economic and financial developments and government decisions-making process (including structural reforms and the implementation of the EU guidelines) on U.S. interests. Clients include Washington agencies of the U.S. government, as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Paris and officers in the Economic and other sections of the Embassy.

1. Education:

  • At least a Master’s Degree (host-country equivalent Bac +5) in Economics, specializing in macroeconomic, money, banking, and financial markets is required.

2. Prior Work Experience:

  • A minimum of three years of experience in macroeconomic/financial market analysis and forecasting, or country economic risk analysis, or in the French Finance Ministry/Bank of France is required.

3. Language proficiency (These may be tested):

  • English (W-R-S), Level-4 – Fluency is required;
  • French (W-R-S), Level-4 – Fluency is required.

4. Knowledge (These may be tested):

  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern economic principles and theory is required;
  • A detailed knowledge of the structure of the State, Commerce and Treasury Departments, the U.S. Mission, and the economic section, including hierarchical relationships and procedures is required;
  • A detailed knowledge of France's macro economy, economic structure, institutions, legislation, commercial relations, and foreign and domestic policies is required;
  • A detailed knowledge of the interests of the client base, with the background to gauge when and in what direction these interests change is required.

5. Skills and abilities (These may be tested):

  • Ability to conduct extensive research is required;
  • Ability to be detailed-oriented and to work with statistics is required;
  • Ability to be rigorous to perform dispassionate analysis of issues with major implications for the U.S. and bilateral economic relations is required;
  • Ability to be multi-tasked is required;
  • Ability to be flexible to organize work plan and execute projects is required;
  • Ability to write analytical reports that describe complex issues in a clear and meaningful way to U.S. readers is required;
  • Ability to be autonomous;
  • A good interpersonal skill to obtain information or respond to inquiries is required;
  • An advanced word processing, spreadsheet, and internet skills are required.
Applicants are required to submit their cover letter(s) and signed DS-174 form(s) in English and French if a position is advertised with an English and French Language Level of 3/3 or higher (standard resumes are no longer accepted).
Applicants are required to submit the proof of the required education level.
Applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Items 1-5 are all required.
For more information about Employment Policies and Application Procedures, please click here.
Applications should be submitted via e-mail to parisrecruitment@state.gov.