Conflict and Fragility Team*
one year (with possibility of renewal)
The Hague
Description of the Thematic Units
A thematic unit develops and implements a vision, mission and strategy for a specific thematic focus area of Oxfam Novib (as part of Oxfam). The unit develops and implements multi country and multi regional projects according to Oxfam's programmatic approach, in which campaigning, lobby/influencing, development programming, capacity building of Country Offices and partners, and private sector work are combined.
There are four themes which each form a thematic unit: Conflict & Fragility, Gender & Youth, Food, Land & Water and Governance & Financial Flows. Oxfam Novib has entered into a Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It comprises three Theories of Change: Right to Food, Finance for Development and Conflict and Fragility. It will be carried out in cooperation with Oxfam Country Offices through over 25 projects over the coming years.
A thematic unit:
  • Develops multi country and multi regional programs and fundraises for them in close cooperation with relevant Oxfam Country Offices and other stakeholders in Oxfam, delivers on global Oxfam campaigns and on (strategic) partnerships with institutional donors;
  • Ensures quality delivery of the three Theories of Change of the Oxfam Novib Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in close coordination with relevant Oxfam Country Offices, including attention to strong and accurate financial administration and management;
  • Ensures quality program development and project delivery, innovation and delivery with related MEL/knowledge management;
  • Develops expertise and demonstrates thought leadership in the specific theme, connecting with relevant other centers of expertise within and outside of Oxfam;
  • Develops and implements lobby and campaigns strategies at global, regional and national level with Country Offices (WIN approach) and advocacy in the Netherlands;
  • Contributes to capacity building, and knowledge creation and sharing;
  • Provides content and material for public outreach and fundraising.
Main goal of the job
  • Delivering a direct contribution to the realization of project goals in the Conflict and Fragility Thematic Unit by drawing-up, monitoring and implementing consolidated budgets of the unit's projects. Effectively managing the financial risks and opportunities, and making the necessary internal and external financial reports and arranging for project audits. Ensuring quality delivery of the Oxfam Novib Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular the Conflict and Fragility Theory of Change, in close coordination with relevant Oxfam Country Offices, including attention to strong and accurate financial administration and management. The Specialist Projects Finance reports to a Program Lead, or a Thematic Unit Manager.
Result areas
  • A direct measurable contribution to the realization of projects within the Conflict and Fragility Thematic Unit;
  • The further development of consolidated budgets & monitoring including financial reporting for internal and externally financed projects;
  • Realization of monitoring information systems on financial implementation and donor compliance of externally funded projects in the cluster;
  • Liaison and coordination with Oxfam Country Offices, Oxfam Affiliates and Oxfam partners and advice and work with their financial systems including performance of RAMON as part of Opportunity and Risk assessments;
  • Realization, support to and coordination of professional external reporting and auditing;
  • Has a supporting role in the monitoring and evaluating of projects;
  • Develops working processes and procedures as part of the team of financial officers in the thematic units
The main tasks of a Specialist Projects Finance are to:
  • Draw up the consolidated budget for (externally funded) project proposals on the basis of intended project activities of Oxfam Novib The Hague office, COs and local partner organisations;
  • Contribute to effective financial management and delivery of the Conflict and Fragility Theory of Change of the Oxfam Novib Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in close coordination with program leads and Oxfam Country Offices;
  • Check and appraise, in co-operation with the implementing ON bureaus and partners, the financial aspects of funding proposals, the internal and external risks and opportunities (risk profiles of partners and possible consortium members). Co-ordinate on findings with the program or project lead and make proposals on the (manner of) financing and financial capacity-building;
  • Periodically monitor the approvals, spending and performance at project level and revise where necessary and possible the (financial) planning. Register this in management information systems and report on overruns, deviations and such, and make proposals to the program lead for the (manner of) financing this within the approved project budget;
  • During project implementation: check, including for eligibility, and process declarations and invoices, request corrections; calculate what part of project implementation to charge to the programme. Keep the overview of the total spending of the project, including with COs and (where relevant consortium partners). Consolidate and write quarterly financial reports including absorption and forecasting for the management.;
  • Plan and coordinate partners and project audits, taking into account the conditions as mentioned in the project approval and donor/funding conditions;
  • Contribute to fundraising of (new) projects; share and produce knowledge materials about the own field of expertise to contribute to the development (fundraising) of (new) projects;
  • Provide support to the Governance and Finance Flows Unit;
  • Collaborate and cooperate with other Specialist and Officers of other Units, Country Offices or within Oxfam; is up to date about the latest developments in his/her relevant area of expertise and participates in relevant networks.
Requirements for the job
  • Have an academic level (master degree) or a relevant qualification at bachelors/HBO (Higher Vocation Education) in finance management or economic area;
  • You have 4 years of relevant work experience in a financial position including financial management, planning, administration and budgeting & auditing;
  • You have experience with donor compliance, also working via country offices and local partners, including capacity assessment, risk management;
  • Experience in independent financial planning, budgeting, reporting, project audits and capacity to evaluate these against the local political and socio-economic context;
  • You have a result oriented approach; are able to support, train others;
  • Have excellent written & spoken English skills (for project development, reporting) and ideally also in French (Portuguese) and Dutch; overall good communication skills;
  • You have knowledge and experience of relevant financial IT-systems (SAP, Accountview);
  • Are able and willing to travel regularly.
Specialist Projects Finance
In principle a Specialist Projects Finance should have the skills to able to work for different projects. Oxfam Novib seeks flexibility in the organisation and its staff in the future and to ensure this, it should be understood that if needed as the organisation develops and funding patterns change, a Specialist Projects Finance can be asked to move from one project to another.
Of all employees within the Thematic Unit department it is expected that they are willing to travel regularly for longer periods.
* NOTE: this appointment is contingent on a decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the Specialist Finance role in another externally funded program
We offer
The level of the position of Specialist Projects Finance corresponds in the new management profiles with grading scale 8 with a gross monthly salary range from EU 2404,-- to EU 3699,-- based on a 36 hour working week.
Candidates must apply via completed application form on the career site, sending a covering letter and a free-format Curriculum Vitae before August 4, 2016 to the attention of Channa de Bruin.
For more information about the position you can contact Catherine Essoyan (Catherine.essoyan@oxfamnovib.nl) at +31703421832.