Programme Director - Gender, Sexuality and Identity

Amnesty International, made up of millions of individual members and supporters, is a truly global human rights movement. It is made up of people who are passionate about defending human rights for all, and who believe the world would be a better place if together we took injustice personally.
And by mobilizing the humanity in everyone, shining a light on human rights abuses wherever they may occur and speaking truth to power, for over 50 years now we have been making a tangible difference in the lives of those who are denied their basic rights, every hour, every day.
About the role:
As head of Amnesty’s Programme on gender and other aspects of identity, and how they intersect with human rights, you will lead our global movement’s articulation and development of women’s human rights, LGBTI rights, and our efforts to combat discrimination based on other types of identity, including Indigenous status, caste-based status, minority status, race, ethnicity, and others. You will build on the command of International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law that Amnesty has acquired through more than five decades of consistent work, to provide both strategic vision and technical implementation competence on identity-based discrimination. You will motivate, mobilise, and technically equip our eight-million-strong movement to deliver on gender, sexuality and identity mandates – as detailed in our 2016-19 strategic goal on securing equal rights for all. You will be part of the Management Team of the International Secretariat of Amnesty International.
About you:
You enjoy a reputation as a global leader and key contributor to the efforts of anti-discrimination movements, ideally in historically marginalized spaces – such as in the women's rights movements in the global South. You have significant expertise and, ideally, legal skills, in gender, sexuality and other aspects of identity. You have advocacy and media experience. You have at least a postgraduate degree in a relevant discipline. You are respected for your intellectual acuity, the sort that has enabled the high-level professionals you have led in the past to draw upon your precision with relevant concepts, your depth of insight, and your effectiveness in problem identification and resolution. And you have experience in managing people and resources.
About us:
Our aim is simple: to bring the world closer to a place where human rights are enjoyed by all. Independent, international and influential, we campaign for justice, freedom and truth wherever they’re denied. Already our network of over eight million members and supporters is making a across the world. And whether we’re applying pressure through powerful research or direct lobbying, mass demonstrations, international advocacy, policy framing, human rights education, or online campaigning, we’re all inspired by hope for a better world. One where human rights are respected and protected by and for everyone, everywhere.
Closing date: 5th September 2016
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