International Resources Group (IRG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Engility Corporation, has 35 years of experience assisting governments, communities, and the private sector to manage their environment and natural resources and to deliver innovative, breakthrough solutions in key development sectors including forestry, protected areas management, climate change, economic livelihood development, community engagement, disaster risk reduction and management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and institutional capacity building.
IRG is currently pursuing a number of conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable livelihood activities in Madagascar. Experts will provide a wide range of technical assistance, training, capacity building, and research to address the threats to biodiversity and the drivers of biodiversity loss. Engagement of the private sector, integration into national and local-level development plans, and a strong environmental law enforcement system will be critical components for project success.
We are looking for qualified candidates for Grants Manager position.
  • Advanced degree preferred;
  • 5+ years’ experience;
  • Liaise with identified grantees and communities in Madagascar;
  • Assist Project Team Leaders with the development and implementation of projects;
  • Develop and maintain friendly, open, and professional relationships with local counterparts, beneficiaries, contractors, suppliers, and other international organizations, as well as local and national authorities;
  • Experience managing USAID grant mechanisms for the various types of grant awards – in-kind, simplified, fixed, and blended;
  • Familiarity with applicable regulations, review process, and award procedures;
  • Maintenance of accurate and timely program and grant documentation including ensuring that completed grants are closed in a timely way and according to deadlines.
  • Fluency in French and English is required; Malagasy preferred.
  • Local nationals are strongly encouraged to apply.