Project Evaluation Fair Finance Guide International

The Fair Finance Guide (FFG) is a tool that assesses and shows the level of integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Human Rights criteria in policies and practices of financial sector institutions, mainly banks. National FFG coalitions in 9 countries apply a common methodology to assess policies and practices of banks in social, economic, and environmental areas, enabling comparisons amongst banks.
The themes being investigated are on governance (pe transparency, corruption), sector oriented (pe fishery, mining, agriculture, manufacturing) as well as cross cutting (pe nature, climate change, human rights, labour rights).
Joint fundraising resulted in a project with financial support by Sida, Sweden, for the period January 2014 - December 2016. This project is being managed by Oxfam Novib. The mid-term evaluation is for accountability and learning purposes and will be realized by an external professional in a participative way, in cooperation with the partners of the FFG coalitions in the various countries. Object of the evaluation are the FFG tools (methodology, website), materials, organisation, ways of working, products (assessments, reports).
The external evaluator(s) will work in coordination with the leads of the national FFG coalitions and present an evaluation report which specifies specific conclusions and recommendation for the project and coalition overall as well as per country.
The evaluation will be based on desk research, interviews and secondary data analysis.
The evaluation is to be realized during the months of April and May 2016. Quotations should reach Oxfam Novib no later than 23/03/2016, 23:59 hours CET.