Consultancies - Strategy and Business Delivery Experts

Person specification
Title: Strategy and business delivery experts
Reports to: Director of Global Operations
Panel summary: To provide advice to the Academy on strategic matters including organisational strategic development, planning cycles, review and reporting mechanisms, and business delivery systems, with the overall objective to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the organisation’s business model.
We are looking for experts with expertise in the following areas*(that also meet the essential criteria);
  • Providing advice on strategic planning cycle (multi-year; global and national/regional)
  • Strategy drafting and facilitation of strategic development processes
  • Reviewing, challenging and advising on proposed strategies
  • Advising on annual operational planning, delivery and reporting systems (including organisational performance management)
  • Diagnostics, recommendations and developing execution plans for continuous improvement, including development of new business processes and tools, optimisation of platform services/portfolio management systems, and quality assurance and accountability mechanisms for our traded services.
  • Providing advice on business modelling- strategic, financial, operational and commercial trading (in particular, social enterprise related advice)
  • Coordinating strategic performance reviews
  • Change management
*Please note, experts do not need to have experience in every area in order to apply
We particularly welcome Expressions of Interest from experts who have experience working in one or more of the following countries; Kenya, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE.
About the Humanitarian Leadership Academy
The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is a global learning initiative set up to facilitate partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enable people to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries.
We are working with local, national, regional and global organisations, communities and individuals to develop learning resources and tools. By supporting people at the grassroots level, we will enable them to be better prepared for a disaster, respond quicker and to have increased resilience after a crisis.
By working in collaboration, we are building a network of expertise that will be shared and utilised immediately when a disaster strikes. Through this people will be able to continuously share their experiences.
The need for the “Expert Pool”
The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is in a period of growth, and due to our decentralised approach, we will not have an extensive staff team based in the Global Academy Office in the UK.
This means that we will regularly need to engage experts to support Academy initiatives and projects, often at short notice.
As recruiting, vetting and contracting such expertise can take a significant amount of time, the Academy will recruit a pool of experts who will be pre-vetted, so that when a suitable assignment comes up they can be identified and contracted in a much shorter timeframe.
As such, the Academy is currently seeking interested candidates to join our expert pool for short and mid-term assignments which will be allocated within the Panel of Strategy and business delivery experts.
  1. Objectives of contract
The Academy is seeking consultants to submit Expressions of Interest in joining a Panel within the Expert Pool.
  1. Scope- description of services
Under the direction and supervision of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, successful experts will be awarded a Framework Agreement that runs for one year- with indicative delivery timescales and fixed unit cost (daily rate) pricing- under which Work Orders can be quickly called for particular assignments.
When the need arises for the Academy to bring on one of the experts, the particular assignment would be released to the panel members, and interested parties asked to submit a brief application. The most suitable expert will be awarded a Work Order. This will be a discretionary decision on the part of the Academy, based on an assessment as to which of the panel members is best suited to the assignment.
Being in the pool does not be an exclusive arrangement and there will be no guarantee of work.
  1. Resources and engagement from the Academy
We want the Expert Pool to feel part of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy family, and hope that all members of the pool will act as our ambassadors whilst under contract.
Whilst on assignment experts will be managed by a member of staff from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy; either at the Global Academy Office (UK) or Academy Centre (Global) level, ensuring you have the support you need.
An induction to the wider work of the Academy will also be provided, along with other experts, including relevant orientations to Academy systems and processes.
  1. Proposed schedule
Panel recruitment- 11th- 31st July
Shortlisting and interviews- early August
Selection and contracting- late August
Panels live- w/c 5th September
Inductions- Sept/Oct tbc
  1. Essential criteria
  2. Qualifications: University degree, at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, or demonstrable equivalent experience.
  3. Experience: Relevant working experience in the respective area of expertise.
  4. Competency in relevant language: Excellent knowledge of the required language in which the assignment will be conducted.
  5. Ability to travel: Experts must be able to travel where necessary to complete the required assignments.
  6. Ability to sub-contract: Additional resource may be required for certain assignments, and experts must be able to source this independently to complete the work as required by the Academy.
  7. Capacity to take on assignments: Experts must have capacity to take on new work within the framework period.
  8. Submitting an Expression of Interest
    Please ensure you include the following information in your Expression of Interest:
  9. A brief personal statement that addresses your rationale for applying, and responds to the Essential Criteria and relevant Personal Specification.
  10. C.V/ personal profile of expert
  11. Examples of previous assignments that demonstrate your ability to undertake work of a similar nature to that of the panel you are applying.
  12. Names and contact details of two referees. Referees will not be contacted unless your EOI is taken forward.
Please submit completed Expressions of Interest to Alex Farrington (a.farrington@humanitarian.academy), Partnerships and Projects Manager, by 31st July 2016.