Horn of Africa Wildlife Crime Programme Coordinator

The WLC programme coordinator shall assist in programme budgeting, implementation and reporting together with the National Chapters of the Regional Environment Network in selected intervention countries of the Horn of Africa. The programme coordinator will be the liaison to IUCN NL and take the lead in the development of work plans and reports to IUCN NL. The main objective of the wildlife crime programme coordinator is to create a functional coordinating body and build bridges between wildlife concerned government authorities and other key stakeholder in the Horn of Africa, under the umbrella of the Horn of Africa Wildlife Enforcement Network.
Other core tasks of the coordinator will be to lead the improvement of wildlife crime-related knowledge and information sharing among the authorities and key stakeholders in the Horn of Africa; to understand the dynamics related to law enforcement and compliance to combat wildlife crime; and to strengthen community structures as effective agents for preventing and combating wildlife crime. The programme coordinator will work closely with the IFAW team implementing on-the-ground projects in the region that aim to strengthen wildlife law enforcement and compliance, both at the local, national and regional level. The leverage of additional funding to upscale WLC programme activities, e.g. by conducting feasibility studies and writing project proposals, is a critical task that will be included in the work activities. The Wildlife Crime Programme coordinator’s work will be aligned to the Centre’s Horn of Africa Climate Change Programme (HoA-CCP).
Educational, experience and skills requirements:
  • MSc/MA background in Wildlife Management, Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Development or related fields;
  • At least 10 years of programme management experience in the field of wildlife conservation and/or natural resource management;
  • At least seven years of experience in effective legal and law enforcement development and/or reform, the design and institutionalization of capacity building systems, institutional strengthening, and coalition building;
  • Experience with efforts to prevent and interdict the trafficking of wildlife and wildlife products, including data gathering, investigation, prosecution, and/or customs operations;
  • Experience in supporting the establishment and/or operations of government and/or non-governmental platforms to share information and coordinate anti-trafficking planning and enforcement actions is highly desired;
  • Experience with supporting and implementing activities that counter wildlife trafficking through legal reform and/or law enforcement, particularly in Horn of Africa Wildlife Enforcement Network Member countries, is highly desired;
  • Possess a strong network within wildlife and natural resource related government authorities and civil society at the regional level;
  • Possess strong knowledge of the nexus between poverty, wildlife crime, natural resource management and livelihoods in the Horn of Africa;
  • Proven ability to link alternative income-generation activities with wildlife and natural resource protection as well as guidance of environmental governance processes;
  • Possess knowledge and ability to understand, develop and interpret wildlife policies and their regulatory mechanisms, such as CITES, IUCN Red List, TRAFFIC, CBD, LATF, etc.
  • Possess knowledge of what wildlife crime entails and who the key actors are that aim to combat wildlife crime;
  • Proven ability to facilitate and coordinate multi-stakeholder processes and maintain constructive contact with stakeholders in the field of natural resource management;
  • Proven ability to organise campaigns and work with a wide variety of groups, ranging from youth to adult publics;
  • Proven ability to communicate constructively with partners and funders and fulfil their reporting requirements;
  • Proven excellence in proposal writing and reporting skills.
Essential requirements:
  • Excellent English communication skills (both written and verbally);
  • Excellent negotiation and mediation skills;
  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Remuneration: Based on the international staff manual
Applicants from Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda are encouraged to apply. The aim is to attract more staff coming from the Horn of Africa to the HoA-REC&N headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Based on the international staff manual

Applications are accepted only through the following link: