Journalist , ADDE - Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe

The Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe is a European cross-party that was created in September 2014, and recognised by the European Parliament in December 2014.
Meanwhile, parties from 10 different countries joined the ADDE.
Our objective is a democratic Europe made up of nation states, we stand for :  
  • Less Europe and more national sovereignty,  
  • individual freedom and responsibility,  
  • tax limitations, 
  • public spending cuts, 
  • direct democracy by way of referendum 
  • limiting immigration AND fighting radical Islam. 
The ADDE is looking for a journalist.
Tasks include:
  1. Writing articles emphasizing the importance and positive impact listed in the Declaration of the ADDE.
  2. Writing articles on international trade, economy, energy, environment, migration, direct democracy, industry, rule of law, civil liberties, civic involvement, political leadership, entrepreneurship, …
  3. Reporting about the situation in other parts of the world, such as Russia, Ukraine,  and anywhere else if it is relevant with the objectives of the ADDE as listed in its Statutes.
  4. Writing articles covering the ADDE activities.
  5. Interviewing people in a range of different circumstances.
  6. Seeking and investigation stories via contacts, press releases and other media.
  7. Attending a variety of events.
  8. Video or/and sound recording meetings.
  9. Creating and uploading news content for the website.
  10. « live » online reporting or real-time blogging when covering important events.
  • Trilingual: French/Dutch/English
  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar job
  • A real teamplayer
  • Sense of responsibility
  • A flexible job as an independent journalist. 
Send CV and motivation letter to info@addeurope.org by 15 Ocotber 2015. Include your expected level of salary/fee requirements. The position will be available as of November 2015.