Project Engineer/ Senior Project Engineer
Experience- 3-7years of experience at EPC project sites
Qualification: BE/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from a standard engineering school.
To execute and manage successfully the Mechanical engineering, issues on the projects, according to procedures and rules that are valid and in use at any given time in MINING SYSTEMS and the industry. To manage Mechanical engineering input into designs, procurement, manufacture, installation and commissioning of projects in order to ensure the project’s technical success.
Key responsibilities include:
  • Ensure that Sandvik’s safety standards are adhered to at the site under all circumstances.
  • Supervise the work carried on by the contractor labour as per work instructions provided
  • Provide guidance and clarifications to contractor’s labour where required.
  • Assist the Resident Manager is implementing the project schedule as per plan.
  • To assist the company in adhering to the erection and commissioning plans.
  • Ensure that all mechanical drawings with their relevant versions are available at the site, for constructions work to be carried out.
  • Ensure receipt of fabricated goods and bought out item at site for carrying out erection of machines.
  • Ensure contractors are available at the right time with the right workforce according to the erection schedule.
  • To ensure that engineering systems and procedures are strictly adhered to and in conjunction with the Engineering Manager
  • To ensure systems are implemented to achieve engineering integrity on all projects.
  • To supervise the entire Mechanical work during erection and commissioning and maximise efficiency, minimum wastage and best quality.
  • To liase and keep the engineering department updated on all Mechanical work issues at the site.
  • Report to the Project Manager/s on technical issues with respect to the project/s at hand.
  • Participate actively in Project kick off/handing over meetings to so that all needed technical information, clarifications and are available with him/her.
  • To maintain all statutory documentation at site.
  • Maintain good relation with the clients engineers to have a healthy working relation.
  • Assist Project manager in management of engineering/project risks.
  • Assist the procurement department to select suitable local contractors for the supply of labour/ Mechanical work material.
  • Assist in evaluation or identification of potential suppliers to ensure they have the resources and capability to execute the work on offer.
  • Assist the procurement department with the technical content of the enquiry documents or orders.
Deadline: 15 Jan
Job-ID: 336838