Deputy Team Leader, Development initiative for Northern Uganda

Deputy Team Leader, Development initiative for Northern Uganda
DAI is currently pre-positioning for the EU funded Development initiative for Northern Uganda tender.
Outline of the Programme:
The general objective of the programme is to consolidate stability in Northern Uganda, eradicate poverty and under-nutrition and strengthen the foundations for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development. It will focus on the sub-region of West Nile, Acholi, Lango, Teso5 and Karamoja. Adopting a multi-sectorial approach, support will be provided in the three focal sectors identified in the NIP.
The programme will thus aim to support environmentally sustainable/climate-smart practices and value-chains development selected for their combined potential (1) to improve food security and nutrition of targeted communities; (2) to foster rural economic diversification and transformation; to create inclusive and sustainable jobs; (3) to improve livelihoods; (4) to tap into the Green Economy potential (in terms of new opportunities of income-generating activities).
Anticipated Deputy Team Leader profile:
  • Master degree (or equivalent academic qualification) or Bachelor degree with additional 3 years of professional experience in a relevant technical area
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (fluent);
  • Good knowledge of PRAG, PE Guide and EDF regulations
  • Proven record of accomplishment of professional experience in multicultural teams of specialists acting as Procurement and Financial expert;
  • Excellent knowledge of EU Financial and Contractual Regulations and Procedures with a minimum of 5 years specific experience in preparation, management of tenders and contracts in accordance with EU rules and procedures
  • At least 5 years experience working with Programme Estimates
  • At least one experience managing Call for Proposals, evaluation processes and contracting
Start Date: Expected mid 2017
Project Location: Uganda
*Please note that all profiles are indicative only and subject to change once the ToR is made available.*