Organization: Inter-American Development Bank
Location: Washington, DC, United States
Eligible Citizenship: All Non-US Citizens
Application Code: US15-Int
Job Function: Database Management / Data Analysis / Statistics, Program / Project Management, Research
Issue Area: Economic Development, Health Systems Strengthening / Healthcare Access


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) supports efforts by Latin America and Caribbean countries to reduce poverty and inequality. We aim to bring about development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way. Established in 1959, we are the largest source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean, with a strong commitment to achieve measurable results, increased integrity, transparency, and accountability. We have an evolving reform agenda that seeks to increase our development impact in the region.
While IDB is a regular bank in many ways, we are also unique in some key respects. Besides loans, we also provide grants, technical assistance, and complete research. Our shareholders are 48 member countries, including 26 Latin American and Caribbean borrowing members, who have a majority ownership of the IDB.

Position Overview

The IDB Social Protection and Health Fellow will be an integral team member in the IDB’s Social Protection and Health Division (SPH), participating in the preparation and supervision of health projects, addressing top priorities in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Through its Division of Social Protection and Health, the IDB is helping countries in the region to expand access to integrated primary health care services, to strengthen health systems organization and performance, to set priorities in meeting current and emerging needs, and to properly finance rising health costs in order to achieve healthier and more equitable societies.
Examples of work assignments include analyzing health data to establish country epidemiological profiles, designing interventions tailored to address public health challenges, and supervising the implementation of such interventions. The fellow will work with experienced, multidisciplinary teams, and will be supervised by and work closely with SPH specialists.
The main objectives include: a) to support the execution of selected initiatives or projects (such as Salud Mesoamerica SM and SPOON) as well as supporting the supervision of health projects; and b) to support preparatory work for the design of projects, technical cooperation, country strategies (sector notes), and economic and sector work.


  • Participate as team members in two of the Division’s regional programs: Salud Mesoamerica SM2015 and SPOON: Sustained Program to Improve Nutrition, and in Sectoral Economic Work projects
  • Process and analyze health data
  • Produce background information and review literature
  • Support preparatory work for approval health projects (design of interventions, and monitoring and evaluation arrangements, among other activities)
  • Support activities for the supervision of the implementation stage of health projects
  • Participate in missions to Latin American and Caribbean countries during project preparation and supervision

Desired Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Bachelor’s degree*
  • Citizenship from one of the 48 IDB member countries (http://www.iadb.org/en/about-us/member-countries,6291.html)*
  • Fluency and strong writing skills in Spanish and English*
  • Experience in health economics, public health and/or medicine
  • Demonstrated ability to design and/or implement projects in developing countries
  • Knowledge of statistical programs (e.g. Stata)
  • Experience working with databases
  • Creativity and ability to work well in teams

Fellowship Logistics

During the fellowship year, all fellows are provided with:
  • A pre-tax living stipend of $1100/month*
  • Housing and utilities
  • Health insurance
  • A professional development grant of $600
  • An award of $1500 upon successful completion of the fellowship year
  • Travel costs covered to and from placement site, training and retreats
Payment and Conditions: Fellow will receive at minimum $1100 month; additional compensation will be determined in accordance with Bank’s policies and procedures. The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may contribute toward travel and moving expenses. In addition, candidates must be citizens of an IDB member country.
Visa and Work Permit: The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may submit a visa request to the applicable immigration authorities; however, the granting of the visa is at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Notwithstanding, it is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the necessary visa or work permits required by the authorities of the country(ies) in which the services will be rendered to the Bank. If a candidate cannot obtain a visa or work permit to render services to the Bank the contractual offer will be rescinded
Consanguinity: Pursuant to applicable Bank policy, candidates with relatives (including the fourth degree of consanguinity and the second degree of affinity, including spouse) working for the Bank as staff members or Complementary Workforce contractuals, will not be eligible to provide services for the Bank.
Living and Working in the US: Fellows are provided with basic housing and a utilities stipend during the fellowship year. GHC coordinates housing for fellows placed in the United States in shared apartments or houses that meet GHC's safety standards. Housing arrangements are assigned prior to departure from Training Institute. Fellows at IDB will be housed in Washington, DC, an urban city and capital of the United States.
To apply to this position click here: http://ghcorps.org/fellows/apply-to-be-a-fellow/application/