Senior Manager Conventions & Events

The  European  Business  Aviation  Association  (EBAA),  the  leading  Association  for  Business  Aviation in Europe, represents the interests of more than five hundred and fifty Business Aviation  Companies  operating  a  combined  fleet  of  over  1,000  aircraft.  EBAA  endeavours  to  promote Business Aviation as a  key  component  of air  transport, serving the European economy and  the  society.
The EBAA is looking for a Senior Manager Conventions & Events (M/F) to join its team in Brussels:
The growth of Business Aviation, its prospects in the mid- to long-term, and the fast evolving air transport environment  in Europe  and beyond are all having a decisive impact on the workload of the Association  and  its  Secretariat.  Reporting  directly  to  the  Management  Team  (composed  of  CEO/CAO/CPO),  the  Senior  Manager  Conventions  &  Events  is  expected  to  consolidate  and  expand  the  already  important  portfolio of events run by the EBAA under his/her supervision, and  lead and  manage  a  small team of  collaborators.
Job description:
The Senior Manager Conventions & Events will:
  • Together with the  Convention & Events  team,  develop and secure buy-in for  a 3-year strategy and its related budget;  this  strategy will comprise the portfolio of current events  as well  as  new  ones identified as bringing added-value to the membership and the general community;
  • Be responsible for the professional fulfillment of a team of currently two reporting colleagues. In particular, s/he will determine their individual goals and objectives within an overall plan agreed upon with the  Management Team, will conduct regular appraisals and will make sure the team remains united and focused.
  • Take ownership in deploying  the  portfolio of events as defined in the strategy  and monitor their contributions to the overall KPIs attached to the strategy;
  • Sound out on a regular basis, through the use of questionnaires and other means, the needs and wishes of the membership thanks to a good partnership with the Membership Services team;
  • Aim at the highest level of quality for each event. It will be assessed through surveys, attendees’ advisory committees, etc. and the increase in number of attendees/exhibitors will be considered as an important means; 
  • Strive in particular to keep  the two major shows of the Association, i.e. EBACE (www.ebace.aero) and  AIR  OPS  (http://airopseurope.aero)  as  best-in-class  events.  Identify  innovative  means  in  order to do so;
  • Develop strong working ties with the partners, and in particular with the partners of the National 
  • Business Aviation Association (NBAA), partners in the joint venture in charge of EBACE;
  • Develop and deploy a Customer Relationship Management approach in order to  increase the intelligence of the Association on the interest of participants to events; Liaise with other teams in the Secretariat to help build communities of professionals sharing the same interest; 
  • In  partnership  with  the  Council  of  National  Associations  when  appropriate,  ensure  the  organisation of two regional forums per year in different European countries;
  • Organise workshops with independent or affiliated experts so as to gauge the appropriateness of  new  forms  of  events  intended  in  particular  to  offer  educational opportunities  to  the  wider membership; 
  • Benchmark the EBAA with other best-in-class organisations and position the Association as the one-stop shop for Business Aviation events and conferences in Europe on all key topics;
  • Expand the current portfolio of events by proposing additional ones on topics that straddle the whole spectrum of activities of the Association. These can be national, regional or European in scope.  They  need  to  respond  to  a  necessity  either  clearly  expressed  by  the  membership  or  community, or underlying;
  • Together  with  the  Membership  Services  team,  come  up  with  a  strategy  that  strikes  a  clear  distinction between the participation of members and  non-members so as to indirectly promote  the value of joining the Association;
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Communication team to develop the branding of EBAA with respect  to  Convention  and  Events  and  to  ensure  maximum  impact  and  media  (incl.  social  media) coverage prior, during and after each event. 
  • Provide  support  to  the  rest  of  the  Secretariat  whenever  necessary  for  the  organization  of  a  number of specific tasks, including workshops, seminars and conferences;
  • Maintain and complement the list of current sponsors and establish long-term and transversal sponsoring opportunities through specific packages whilst maintaining a form of neutrality of the 
  • Association vis-à-vis them and its members;
The Senior Manager Conventions & Events will:
  • Have a  thorough track record of supervising the organisation of complex events in sectors closely related to (Air) Transport, such as automotive or the luxury industry in general;
  • Have previous experience with trade bodies or other NGOs. A good appraisal of the functioning of the EU institutions will be a definite plus;
  • Possess recognised managerial skills, be a good motivator and act as a leader;
  • Have  experience  in  developing  and  deploying  impactful  strategies  in  the  field  of  event management;
  • Be visionary, creative and willing to develop and implement innovative concepts;
  • Have at least 12 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Be able to work under pressure and be result-driven;
  • Demonstrate capability to work in a multicultural environment; 
  • Be a natural communicator, and feel at ease speaking in public;
  • Speak and write fluently English with good French or German capabilities as an asset;
  • Be open mind and ready to travel abroad on a regular basis, both in Europe and in the U.S. and beyond when necessary.
Please  consult  our  website  (www.ebaa.org)  for  more  information  or  send  your  details  directly  to  Mrs Martine Wellens, EBAA Chief Administrative Officer, at mwellens@ebaa.org. Deadline for submission of candidacy is 6 November 2016.