Credit Market Project Manager and Pan-African Financial Sector Specialists

Call For Expressions of Interest for Credit Market Project Manager and Pan-African Financial Sector Specialists
FSDA is a non-profit company based in Nairobi which promotes poverty reduction through financial sector development across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). It sees itself as a catalyst for change, working with partners to build financial markets that are robust, efficient and, above all, inclusive. It uses funding, research and technical expertise to identify market failures and strengthen the capacity of its partners to improve access to financial services and drive economic growth.
In July 2016, FSDA launched its Credit Market Development Programme. The Programme aims to support the development of credit markets across SSA that are efficient, inclusive and maintain high standards of market conduct in order to expand quality access to credit for retail and SME consumers. It comprises interventions and will be implemented in partnership with FSDs and other facilitating agencies, as well as with donors, research institutes and government organisations.
FSDA is looking to: A) hire a Project Manager on a retained basis to assist in the implementation of its Credit Market Development Programme; B) build a panel of financial sector and credit market specialists whom it can call upon for advice and short term consultancy assignments.
This call for Expressions of Interest is aimed at pre-qualifying consultants so as to facilitate procurement for the long-term
Project Management role, as well for short-term advisory support and consultancies that are anticipated in the future.
E01 submissions should include: 
  • Full name, place of business (city, country) and contact information
  • Social media contacts used for business purposes, if any (Linked-In, Twitter)
  • The category or categories for which you are applying (A or B)
  • A short description of your area of expertise as relevant to the category/ies applied for
  • A short statement (max. 1 side of A4) of why you believe you have the right qualifications
  • Your CV, tailored to the category for which you are applying (maximum 4 sides A4)
  • A statement describing your availability: within the next 12-18 months, willingness to travel
  • Your current daily fee rate (both short-term and long-term, if applicable)
  • Any other information you believe should be taken into account in the pre-qualification process 
Your EOI should not exceed 4 sides of A4 (excluding CV). It should be sent by email to info@fsdafrica.org under a subject line reading 'Expression of interest: Credit Market Development Programme'.
Full details can be obtained from our website www.fsdafrica.org (quick links - calls).
Expressions of interest must be received by FSD Africa no later than 1700 (EAT) Frida 16th September 2016