Organization: Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition
Location: West Orange, NJ, United States
Eligible Citizenship: All Non-US Citizens
Application Code: US11-Int
Job Function: Database Management / Data Analysis / Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation / Quality Improvement
Issue Area: Health Systems Strengthening / Healthcare Access


The Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition (GNHCC) began in 2008 as a response to the closure of two Newark hospitals. It provided a conduit for information between hospital CEOs and the New Jersey Commissioner of Health. As the crisis abated, the participants determined that there was value in the continuation of an organization comprising high-level representatives of Newark-area entities concerned with access to high-quality health care­–and in particular, primary health care­–in the greater Newark area. Over time, the organization grew to include high-level representatives of hospitals, primary health care, educational institutions, advocacy organizations, behavioral health organizations, visiting nurse organizations, and others. The New Jersey and Newark health departments are represented ex officio.
The mission of the Greater Newark Health Care Coalition, Inc. is to significantly improve quality and access to health care for people in the communities we serve. Our two primary strategies are: (1) collaborating to develop initiatives specifically aimed at identifying and eliminating disparities and other barriers that lead to poor health outcomes in order to improve health and well-being, and (2) engaging in health policy planning and advocacy through data collection, analysis and dissemination, best practice research, and public education. GNHCC’s focus on health care improvement is construed broadly, and therefore includes substantial focus on improvements in the social factors that affect population health, such as access to healthy food and water, public safety, the promotion of healthy child development, safe housing, and recreational resources.

Position Overview

The Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator (DMEC) is responsible for data collection, storage, and analysis. The DMEC will aggregate data from public and institutional sources to create a master database(s) that can be queried and geo-mapped. Strict adherence to security protocols and HIPAA compliance is a critical part of this work and the DMEC will work to ensure that data is securely transmitted and stored. The DMEC will keep the database(s) up-to-date and work with partners to collect and integrate incoming datasets. The DMEC will work with the Executive Director, Project Managers, and collaborating institutions to conduct analyses. The DMEC will be encouraged to find creative ways to use quantitative analyses to illuminate trends and patterns in the data, as well as test real-life hypotheses.
This opportunity is ideal for someone who has a passion for health care and social justice, and who is interested in innovative and creative ways to use data to drive transformation in health care. S/he will be excited to learn and develop professionally and will have the opportunity to work with leaders of health care institutions, local and state government, philanthropy, and peers in the field. Reporting to the Executive Director and Project Managers, the DMEC will have broad exposure to all aspects of developing analytic capacity at an innovative healthcare startup. 


  • Gathering, compiling, modeling, validating, and analyzing data to elucidate actionable patterns, trends, and priorities
  • In partnership with the Executive Director and Project Managers, work to obtain source data from collaborators and ensure that the data is transmitted securely
  • Ensure database maintenance, both hardware and software, ensuring that information is properly stored, up-to-date, and formatted for analysis
  • Synthesize data sets in various formats to conform to GNHCC data analysis needs
  • In partnership with Executive Director and Project Managers, recommend and conduct queries and analyses
  • Test hypotheses and seek quantitative answers to real-world challenges
  • Conduct analyses for various audiences including community partners, GNHCC Board of Trustees, funders, and other GNHCC stakeholders/collaborators
  • Prepare written reports and presentations complementary to analyses as necessary
  • Complete training to become proficient in software packages required for projects
  • Work with expert mentors to learn best practices in innovative healthcare analytics and validate new skills
  • Adhere to strictest standards of confidentiality at all times and will not conduct queries beyond the scope outlined in agreements with source data institutions

Desired Skills and Experience

Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics, math, or similar quantitative experience*
  • A keen interest in health data*
  • Proven ability to analyze data in creative ways and display results in a compelling manner*
  • Knowledge of SQL*
  • Knowledge of statistical packages (R preferred)*
  • Experience managing and administering a database*
  • Demonstrated expertise with Microsoft Excel (macros a plus)*
  • Creative problem solving skills*
  • Strong interest in learning and mentorship*
  • Responsiveness to deadlines*
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse group of stakeholders*
  • Local travel within the Newark region, and less frequently to partner sites, in NJ*
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS
  • Familiarity with publicly available health data sets

Fellowship Logistics

During the fellowship year, all fellows are provided with:
  • A pre-tax living stipend of $1100/month
  • Housing and utilities
  • Health insurance
  • A professional development grant of $600
  • An award of $1500 upon successful completion of the fellowship year
  • Travel costs covered to and from placement site, training and retreats
Living and Working in the US: Fellows are provided with basic housing and a utilities stipend during the fellowship year. GHC coordinates housing for fellows placed in the United States in shared apartments or houses that meet GHC's safety standards. Housing arrangements are assigned prior to departure from Training Institute. Fellows at GNHCC will be housed in Newark, an urban city in the northeastern United States.
To apply to this position click here: http://ghcorps.org/fellows/apply-to-be-a-fellow/application/