Team Leader, International urban cooperation: sustainable and innovative cities and regions- Regional action North America

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Team Leader, International urban cooperation: sustainable and innovative cities and regions- Regional action North America

Location:North America
Location:United States of America
Job Code:2618


DAI is currently seeking applications for the Team Leader position on its upcoming International Urban Cooperation: Sustainable and Innovative Cities and Regions-Regional Action North America proposal.
Outline of the Programme:   
The aim of the project is to strengthen on the one side EU–North American urban policy diplomacy and on the other decentralised cooperation on sustainable urban development and climate change through a focus on sustainable energy.
The programme will develop and lead international urban cooperation with key partner countries North America. Reflecting the EU model of integrated territorial development, the programme develops and builds on existing cooperation in the following areas: 
  • City-to-city cooperation on sustainable development (component 1)
  • City-to-city cooperation on climate change action through a focus on sustainable energy, building upon the EU Covenant of Mayors initiative (component 2)
The programme will be embedded in the context of the EU's policy dialogues with partner countries or regions. It will further the exchange of experience and know how while promoting EU business interests in the growing market of sustainable urbanisation and innovation. The programme will support the EU climate change action agenda and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process and offer a European contribution to the discussion on a new urban agenda for the 21st century.
Objectives of the role:
It is envisaged that Team Leader will hold overall responsibility for ensuring the completion of the following tasks:
  • Design and set-up programme structures, including online platforms; 
  • Develop and implement criteria for participation and establish governance arrangements for twinning and/or partnerships; 
  • Design and deliver communication and outreach activities;  
  • Engage with national level authorities in the to bring urban dimension into national urban and climate plans;  
  • Enable facilitate and promote peer-level knowledge management, exchange and sharing through on-line platform and networking events; 
  • Gather and provide business and expert data and promote match-making, joint ventures and other business cooperation including through participation in fairs showcasing EU technology innovations; 
  • Promote EU climate change agenda and EU contributions to new urban agenda;

Qualifications and Skills:
  • Post graduate qualification in field of sustainable urban development, and/or local and regional climate and energy action, or related fields will be an advantage
  • Proficiency in English is essential 
General Professional Experience:
  • 7 years of experience as a Team Leader on projects in the field of sustainable urban development
  • Previous experience of the European Commission PCM is essential
Specific Professional Experience:
  • At least 5 years’ demonstrable experience of institutional engagement with cities, national authorities and/or their groupings, associations or networks
  • Experience in managing thematically related projects in North America   
Project Location: North America-United States, Canada, Mexico  
Length of the project: 36 months
Anticipated Start Date: October 2016
*Please note that all profiles are indicative only and subject to change once the ToR is made available.*