Trainer/ Consultant on Legal Terminology

Free Press Unlimited is currently supporting an alliance of a few independent media organizations in the Middle East committed to the highest standards of journalism and unimpeded freedom of speech. As a part of this project, Free Press Unlimited is implementing a programme wherein different independent media outlets are supported in forming a Press Council. One task of this Press Council is making sure that its member organisations adhere to professional and ethical standards of journalism. Therefore, the Council is organising a consultancy on 'legal terminology' for its member organisations.
Free Press Unlimited is currently seeking to hire a Trainer/ Consultant on Legal Terminology
The consultant is expected to design and hold a two day training for members of different media organisations in the Middle East. The participants in this training will raise awareness and learn the basics of legal terminology; will be introduced to the subject of international law, humanitarian law and criminal law; will learn the basics on how to use legal terminology properly and consistently in their daily work as media practitioners. The consultant will design a training that includes experiential learning activities, for which Free Press Unlimited will also contribute with methodology and tools. It is fundamental that the expert, the organisations beneficiaries and Free Press Unlimited agree together with the expected outcome of the activities and how to measure the outcome. The level of the training will be adjusted on the trainees' LNA (learning Needs Assessment) that the expert will conduct. I
Job responsibilities include but not limited to:
  • To teach a group of media professionals in the Middle East on the basics of legal terminology, with a focus on international humanitarian law and criminal law;
  • To design a layout for the training;
  • To contribute with theory and reference work to support the methodology of the training;
  • To produce/adjust if necessary learning tools;
  • To have/produce good assessment tools that can be used to evaluate the impact of the training;
  • To report on the results of the training and give recommendations to the participants, the member organisation of the trainees and to Free Press Unlimited.
We are looking for an expert with:
  • Educational background in international law, humanitarian and criminal law or a related field;
  • Relevant experience in providing training/ consultancy on legal training and counselling for the media sector;
  • Knowledge of the context and experience in working in the Middle East;
  • Outstanding communication and training skills;
  • Creative, self-motivated and inspiring others
  • Fluent in Arabic and English;
  • Excellent work ethics;
  • Reliable team player;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Problem-solving skills and creative multi-tasker;
  • Result-oriented;
  • Ready to travel to the Middle East region

Who we are
Across the globe, journalists and media pioneers have taken it on themselves to supply their communities with objective information. Free Press Unlimited actively supports these professionals in over forty countries, by offering them, among other things, trainings and temporary financial and material aid, and by strengthening their professional capacity. So that as many people as possible gain and keep access to truly vital information. For many people around the world, access to reliable information is by no means a given. Nevertheless, impartial information is of crucial importance to all of us if we wish to survive and develop as human beings. For more information on Free Press Unlimited check our website www.freepressunlimited.org.

If you are interested please send your motivation letter and CV (preferable in PDF-format) no later than 24 May to: vacancies[at]freepressunlimited.org