Touch Foundation Jobs in Tanzania Feb 2012

The Touch Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving access to quality, basic healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa. Touch emphasizes the development of educational infrastructures, expansion of the health workforce, and consideration of health systems solutions. For more information about Touch Foundation, please visit our website www.touchfoundation.org.

Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator

We are seeking a Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator to develop and implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system to track, monitor and provide feedback on an expanding set of programs in Tanzania.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator is responsible for guiding the overall M&E strategy and systems implementation to provide robust information to program stakeholders, partners and organizational leadership. Timely and relevant data will inform decisions on program management, policy and strategy development, satisfy donor reporting requirements and enable future funding decisions.
The M&E Coordinator will collaborate with organizational leadership, program team members, funding and program implementation partners and key stakeholders to design, implement and coordinate a robust set of M&E systems.

Establishing the System
• In collaboration with program leadership and staff, develop and M&E plan and toolkit, particularly in the areas of the objectives, indicators and monitoring mechanisms.
• Develop the overall framework for M&E per project area, including the overall plan, objectives, processes and procedures, data collection and reporting systems.
• Travel to regional and district hospitals to develop and implement system
• Guide the process for identifying the key performance questions and parameters for monitoring project performance and comparing it to targets, workplan and budgets. Design performance reports.
• Confirm the information needs of program leadership, donor and partner institutions.
• In collaboration with variety of stakeholders, set out the framework and procedures for the evaluation of each project activities.
• Inform the development of the Annual Workplan and Budget
• Review the M&E plans, approaches and information systems management of implementation partners and agree on any required changes, support and resources.
• Ensure that all vendor and partner contracts include specifications for the internal monitoring requirements and reporting systems.
• Develop a plan for project-related capacity-building on M&E and identify any support that may be required.
• Organize and undertake training with program staff and stakeholders in M&E skills, including participatory aspects.
Implementation of M&E
• Gather data; create and analyze monitoring reports, evaluate for impact and to identify the causes of potential problems and actions needed.
• Undertake regular site-visits to support the implementation of M&E and to adapt plans and processes as needed.
• Collaborate with staff and implementing partners on qualitative and quantitative monitoring to provide relevant information for ongoing evaluation of project activities, effects and impacts.
• Foster participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in the M&E of activities.
• Plan for regular opportunities to identify lessons learned and implications for the project’s next steps.
• Prepare reports on M&E findings, working closely with program and finance teams and stakeholders.
• Review reports with team and leadership to inform fundraising efforts and external communications.
• Guide the regular sharing of M&E findings with project staff, implementing partners and primary stakeholders.
• Make regular reports to leadership, highlighting areas of concern and preparing the documentation for review, including recommendations on corrective measures to implement.
• Ensure that monitoring data is reviewed and discussed in the appropriate forum and in a timely fashion in terms of implications for future action.

Knowledge, Education and Experience
Candidates should have a minimum of 5-7 years of relevant experience including:
• Advanced degree in a field related to international development and/or management in field research
• International development, program management, performance management, preferably in a USAID-funded context
• Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing M&E systems, including performance tracking, impact evaluations, statistical sampling, indicator development, survey/questionnaire design, interviewing techniques, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis
• Training in M&E development and implementation
• Capacity-building of M&E methods and systems with multiple stakeholders
• Information analysis and report writing.
• Strong analytical, leadership, organizational and problem solving skills
• Excellent attention to detail
• Results oriented
• Ability to proactively take initiative and drive assignments to completion independently
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Ability to proactively work independently and as an effective team member
• Comfort with managing multiple assignments in a dynamic, developing nation context
• Capacity to contact and interact openly, honestly, and professionally with individuals in a culturally appropriate manner

Senior Technical Medical Advisor

We are seeking a Senior Technical Medical Advisor to play a lead role in the development and implementation of a new program in Tanzania.


Working directly with the Senior Vice President (Head of Program), the Senior Technical Medical Advisor will be responsible for the supporting the implementation of Touch programs in the Lake Zone region of Tanzania.

This individual will be responsible for leading a clinical education team (surgery or ob-gyn depending on specialty) in one of the regional/district hospitals as well as assisting with overall program oversight and advising on the technical aspects of the programs.

Program Implementation and clinical instruction
• Lead the clinical education team providing clinical training to Bugando students in one of the regional/district hospitals in the Lake Region
• Assist with the improvement of the referral network between the regional/district hospital and the tertiary hospital
• Assist with community engagement around the regional/district hospital
• Provide input into academic curriculum
• Assist with coordinating program participation of clinical teaching staff including those from partner organizations, contractors and volunteers
• Serve as academic and clinical point of contact for all implementing partners in Treat and Train program
Technical Advisory
• Provide technical expertise and advise on overall program development and delivery
• Refine program plans and long-term strategy through close collaboration with the Senior Vice President and organizational leadership; manage and modify, as necessary, program implementation based on existing in-country realities
• Collaborate with Program Operations Manager and the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator to inform the development of monitoring and evaluation system and on-going monitoring processes of projects and maintain effective project reporting, evaluation and communication systems
• Assure that quality and safety are addressed in program implementation, M&E systems and that each are addressed in a setting and resource appropriate manner
• Keep informed of best practices to ensure that the project’s work remains highly innovative, professional and fully succeeds despite the many challenges
Organizational Representation
• Lead development and publication of articles referencing Touch’s work in journals and professional publications
• Develop and maintain proactive, positive and professional relationships with all of our local stakeholders, including implementation partners and prospective partner organizations, other NGOS, donors, clients, key government officials, etc.
• Maintain regular written and oral reporting to leadership on key program and staff issues
• Support activities aimed at building visibility and presence in-country, potentially including leading tours of program sites, organizing and leading donor trips and cultivating potential partnerships in-country
• Serve as in-country representative for all academic and clinical implementing partners when Senior Vice President is out of the country

As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the Senior Technical Medical Advisor may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key duties.

Knowledge, Education and Experience

• Medical Degree with Board Certification in General Surgery or Obstetrics and Gynecology; additional degree in public health, international development or a related field a plus
• >10 years experience practicing medicine
• Experience in an academic setting providing clinical education to medical students and residents
• Experience working directly with developing country program clinicians, managers or policy makers, preferably acquired while based in developing country
• Demonstrated project management experience
• Experience working with donor regulations; information analysis and report writing
• Good judgment and discretion to represent the Touch Foundation in a highly professional manner, as well as respect for local “culture.”
• Demonstrated understanding of international health issues
• Experience working with cross functional and external groups, including managers, clinicians and other stakeholders.

• Strong analytical, leadership, organizational and problem solving skills
• Excellent attention to detail
• Superior organizational and planning skills for balancing multiple projects and responsibilities
• Ability to respond to shifting needs with flexibility while maintaining a positive approach and sense of humor
• Ability to multi-task while leading a complex team
• A problem-solving approach to challenging situations
• Solid relationship-building skills: ability to interface with external constituents
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Ability to proactively work independently and as an effective team member
• Comfort with managing multiple assignments in a dynamic, developing nation context
• Capacity to contact and interact openly, honestly, and professionally with individuals in a culturally appropriate manner
• Excellent skills in the functional use of Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft word.

The position is based in Tanzania, with time split among Mwanza and Sengerema


The position is based in Mwanza, Tanzania.
Touch Foundation team members represent the organization both during and outside of work hours when deployed in a field posting. Staff are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and Touch Foundation’s policies, procedures, and values at all times and in all in-country venues.

Touch Foundation, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer (M/F/D/V).

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Touch_Foundation_Jobs@McKinsey.com