Value Chain Advisor - STTA, Washington

Closing date: Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Project Description LADA
LADA is a four-year, $19.3 million USAID-funded project that aims to improve the agricultural development and food security initiatives at the community- and national-level in Liberia. The LADA project aims to strengthen 'aggregation clusters' through facilitating business relationships that link suppliers, producers, processors, buyers, and investors so that all actors along the value chain can benefit from sustainable growth. To achieve this vision, CNFA will improve access to finance, quality inputs, mechanization, agricultural advice, and markets so that Liberian smallholder farmers can increase their production and participation in the market, using a value chain approach.
Task DescriptionValue Chain Gap Analysis
To make smallholders better-informed decision-makers for production, processing, and marketing processes, Liberia ADA will improve their understanding of market demands and opportunities through comprehensive value chain analyses. These analyses will help prioritize interventions around value chains, identifying which products and technologies have the greatest potential to make an impact in the near-term. LADA will focus on rice and cassava, the main staple food crops, and Government of Liberia (GOL) priorities for agricultural development. Within its scope, CNFA will analyze vegetable, poultry, cocoa, coffee, livestock, fish, corn, and palm oil value chains to identify investment opportunities and potential to increase incomes, and make recommendations to USAID and the GoL about focus areas.
The STTA Value Chain Advisor, with support from CNFA, will first review previous value chain analyses and the AgCLIR Liberia assessment to identify needs for additional assessments. He/She will coordinate with stakeholders to determine whether existing data and analyses provide sufficient information to guide private investments and project interventions. He/She will then develop eight Value Chain Analyses (VCA) will incorporate end-market analysis information along with the other seven factors of the value chain, analyzing:Enabling environment: Policies, regulations, and other factors external to the value chain affecting their inclusiveness and competitiveness.
The outputs for the relevant value chains analyses will include, at a minimum
  • Vertical linkages: Sales transactions that occur between different levels of the value chain
  • Horizontal linkages: Cooperation or competition at each level of the value chains
  • Supporting markets: Input and service markets linked to each of the targeted value chains, including supply of improved seeds, crop protection products, and storage
  • Upgrading: Identification of opportunities for product, process, and function upgrading, and actors with potential to be catalysts of change if upgrading capacity is strengthened
  • Value chain governance: Power dynamics within the value chains that affect the flow of benefits and information
  • Inter-firm relationships: Quality of relationships within the targeted value chains.
Interested applicants should submit their CV, Cover Letter and salary history to cnfaLiberiajobs@gmail.com with the subject line: 'Value Chain Advisor- STTA'. We are seeking to fill this position immediately and will be interviewing qualified candidates on a rolling basis.